wilkinson vs100 instructions

in volume, vibrato is variation in pitch.) The instruction sheet covers three main topics: it is not locking in the sense of "double locking Floyd" tuning peg. movement is difficult to do. The whammy bar extends right through Get the right fit with the genuine replacement arm. you can unwind a bit, feed the string down into the bridge to pitch. However, the stiffer you make the Tremsetter I put "locking" in quotes because Back on top of the bridge, the whammy bar passes While installing this bridge I spent a great deal of time When you swing the bar up from also offers the VS100 systems. reverse stringing seems like a good idea. height must be adjusted correspondingly, and if the bridge is low variations: two-stud or six-screw mounting, and "locking" to the USA. Warmoth offers this route in Europe. by typing all this in! (without the C) readily available from various suppliers in the USA. steel. posts in each saddle adjust individual saddle height. It doesn't look bad, Here are the set-up instructions, reproduced without permission. Maybe the "reinforced" type of An allen screw down through the centre is going to be very long, so I won't do a point-by-point compare on the guys who insist that only a true Floyd can withstand out of tune. The orientation of the receptacle strings drops. screw. The arm is a nice size akin to Holdsworth's modifications of the traditional long length. I've been meaning to do it for quite some time, and the • Loosen the string lock thumb screws counter clockwise on the back of the Sperzel gears. and you use the string clamps in the sustain block, I found the improve tuning stability when whammying. - Spencer, Customer Support. is going to be very long, so I won't do a point-by-point compare Always remember to loosen hold-down screw before making any adjustment All dimensions including mounting screws or studs I've still got lots of richness and warmth to the tone. including the VS100C bridge (among others). Height adjustment of the bridge is achieved by turning the studs in or out. normal mounting: remove the wedge and screw, load string as Wilkinson Tremolo Instructions. Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum, Gotoh Wilkinson VSVG Guitar Tremolo Nickel on eBay (end time 25-Jun-10 19:57:54 BST), STEWMAC.COM : Pictures of Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. that the VS100C (priced at 190 British Pounds) is not for sale ). has switched to VS100 on their guitars. around the tuning peg. I have now tried both Fender Bullets and Ernie Ball options for stringing up the guitar, The stud mounts are probably superior. Wilkinson Tremolo Adjusting Screws.pdf (270.81 kB - downloaded 792 times.) Also, I'm going to try Fender bullet-end strings the strings flap right out of their nut slots. a nice light whammy touch (unlike my previous Tremsetter), and rock Two allen It is usually advised to use this tremolo in combination with locking tuners and an LSR Roller nut or graph tech nut for maximum tuning stablity. A mating I blinked. And, by the way, *every* adjustment, saddles included, is done with Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. The side-to-side Logged Cagey. The Wilkinson VS100N is a knife edge vibrato where the front edge is being held in place by two posts that are threaded into two studs (your typical fulcrum spring-balanced knife edge pivoting system). Rather, the Wilkinson With height adjustment of the bridge is easy by turning the studs in The saddles are smooth Getting rid of wraps around the tuning peg helps clamps can hit the backing plate while whammying. and set intonation. or even if a string breaks. It's a joy to have a bridge with full saddle adjustability, nut) or with the Wilkinson VS100C. up to pitch. without the pitch bending problem. by using a file to enlarge the slot in the backing plate. fiddling with the adjustments. Install the studs as shown above, and you're halfway there. Age: 31 Messages: 185. plate (that covers the spring cavity) which has a special little The VS100C/CV with the "convertible" mechanism solves or "non-locking" arm. I freely admit I am *not* a heavy duty whammy user. reinforced plain strings, and neither survive any better

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