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[5] Some of the original 18th century buildings survive to this day, for example at 45-49 Weymouth Street. The status of each map region is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a colour, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region. Number of streets (without repeated street names - if some street have more then 1 postcode): 64 street names. - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line. Webster Street Townhouse Neighborhood. On its south side it is joined by Marylebone Street, Wesley Street, Westmoreland Street, Wimpole Street, Wimpole Mews, and Weymouth Mews. P - 31 streets. In list you can see 62 streets. Weymouth’s range of hotels, B&Bs and campsites offer something for everyone. The area of Marylebone in which Weymouth Street is located originally belonged to the Manor of Tyburn which existed at the time of the Domesday Book (1086). Weymouth Street (Leicester, United Kingdom) on map: ... - Street names are labelled. no petrol stations). From townhouses, picture-postcard cottages, hostels, budget chains and traditional seaside guest houses through to luxury boutique hotels. Barbara Windsor, actress, with local residents plants the last of 53 trees[15] to be added to Weymouth Street in 2010. In contrast, central sections of the street still "retain much of their former domestic scale and character. Number of streets (without repeated street names - if some street have more then 1 postcode): 61 street names. The "Parish" usually refers to amalgamated Parishes which are almost equivalent to the Metropolitan Boroughs described on this page. Tirrell Woods. Q - 4 streets. Woodridge Condominiums. There’s plenty of options to suit every pocket and occasion when looking where to stay in Weymouth. ), The map is complete (in the opinion of a mapper), The map is complete (verified by 2 mappers) ; please indicate Date when checked), This attribute does not exist in the mapped area (e.g. Click street names for WEYMOUTH map centred on road. Number of streets (without repeated street names - if some street have more then 1 postcode): 47 street names. An index of Street Names, Terraces and Places within the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, name changes if any, location within streets and the parishes they lay within. This and 3 other resources to help find places that disappeared for other reasons are described on the Lost London Streets page. Weymouthport Condominiums. Weymouth is a town in Dorset at latitude 50°36′58.32″ North, longitude 2°27′14.40″ West. [10], Notable residents who have lived on Weymouth Street include Edward Foley (1747–1803), MP, the second son of Lord Foley, of Foley House [11] Ernest Vaughan, 4th Earl of Lisburne (no 40), James Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde (no 14), the portraitist Mary Grace, the actress Mary Wells (actress) (no 12), Michael Faraday (no 18), the writer Jane Marcet (no 49), while psychoanalyst Dr Estelle Maud Cole, journalist and broadcaster Gilbert Harding, the entertainer Hughie Green and the pathologist Professor Keith Simpson (the latter four all lived at 1 Weymouth Street). [3] Approximately a century later, the street was partially rebuilt and modernised mainly with neoclassical architecture. Almost all these changes took place between 1st January 1936 and 1st July 1939 but a few were made at other times during 1929-45 The symbol # indicates that the old name has been abolished and the street incorporated into an existing place name. Almost all of Weymouth Street is now part of the Howard de Walden Estate. Marylebone. The streets that join Weymouth Street on its north side are (east to west) Beaumont Mews, Beaumont Street, Upper Wimpole Street, and Devonshire Mews South. In administrative terms, the street lies within the City of Westminster's Marylebone High Street Ward as well as the Harley Street Conservation Area. Below is a list of streets in WEYMOUTH. U - 3 streets. 69 Portland Place and 115 Harley Street, both of which are on the corner with Weymouth Street, are both Grade II*. Click on street name to see the position on WEYMOUTH street map. Old to New Street names 1857 - 1929. "[9] The street was lined with trees in 2010 as part of a neighbourhood community and stakeholder-based greening initiative. Photograph looking west down Weymouth Street in 2010. [13] All of Weymouth Street lies within the Harley Street Conservation Area.[14]. In order that it does not get lost to posterity I have turned all four lists of Street Name Changes into an eBook, which you can download and keep. This page was last edited on 25 January 2020, at 11:51. Weymouth Street is part of a rectilinear grid and is crossed by Harley Street, Portland Place, and Hallam Street. T - 31 streets. It was built on the site of the bowling green of the old, Source: Air Raid Warden Post D2 (Borough of St Marylebone) located in the, Weymouth Street runs to the East and end at, The Bartlett School of Architecture (2016), The history of Marylebone: from rural manor to urban village, via pleasure gardens and Georgian developers, Map of the London WW2 bomb census between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941, Chapter 15: Devonshire, Weymouth and New Cavendish Streets, Survey of London on South-East Marylebone, Barbara Windsor completes the planting of new trees on Weymouth Street, Broadcasting House from the mid-18th century, Survey of London on South-East Marylebone, "Barbara Windsor completes the planting of new trees on Weymouth Street", Westminster City Council Harley Street Conservation Area Audit 2008, London Blitz report from Air Raid Warden Post D2 on Weymouth Street in St Marylebone, W1W Tree Planting Initiative for Weymouth Street, Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Weymouth_Street&oldid=952319444, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 April 2020, at 17:14. Staying in Weymouth is a treat in itself! Weymouth is a town in Dorset at latitude 50°36′58.32″ North, longitude 2°27′14.40″ West. The status is displayed using a template Template:State, {"tileLayer":"//{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png","attribution":"\u0026copy; \u003Ca href=\", https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Weymouth&oldid=1949783, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license, The map is largely complete (please describe missing data), Please complete (missing data, streets etc. In list you can see 64 streets. 22 Weymouth Street (1934) is notable for its combination of traditional and modernist architectural elements. W - 56 streets. Weymouth Street lies in the Marylebone district of the City of Westminster and connects Marylebone High Street with Great Portland Street. Click on street name to see the position on WEYMOUTH street map. Weymouth Glen Condominiums. Weymouth Street lies in the Parish of St. Marylebone. [1] This part of Marylebone originally belonged to the Manor of Tyburn which existed at the time of the Domesday Book (1086). The area was developed in the late 18th century by Henrietta Cavendish Holles and her husband Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford. In list you can see 49 streets. [8], The street is known for its medical establishments, most notably The Harley Street Clinic built in 1935. Postcode(s): LE4 6FR | . Street name: WEYMOUTH STREET, City: LEICESTER. Weymouth Street in 1905 looking east towards Great Portland Street. R - 46 streets. V - 10 streets. It contains more entries and the exact year of each change. S - 85 streets. [4] During the London Blitz of 1940-41, the street was struck twice by high explosive bombs. [2] Weymouth Street was first laid out and built up in the late 1770s and early 1780s in line with the development of Harley Street, Portland Place and Great Portland Street. Its eastern edge by Great Portland Street is controlled by the Langham Estate (on land once also part of the Howard de Walden Estate).

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