trionic all terrain walker rollator

Are you looking for an outdoor rollator that offers a comfortable ride, and that's properly designed for cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground? The comfort level also increases with the wheel size. Read and Learn more about the Walker´s Unique Functions and Features, Read and Learn more about the Veloped´s Unique Functions and Features. It’s light and compact for easy storage and transport. It is the first ever rollator with 14” big wheels (36 cm). A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel, especially outdoors. Walker Brake Level and All-Terrain Brakes, Trionic Walker - Multitude of Adjustability, Dimensions & Weights / Veloped Model Comparison, The All-Terrain Capable Alternative to the Rollator, Rollator Walker 14er M/L black/black/gray. Made in Sweden and delivered within 5 working days. From its soft polyurethane wheels to its aluminium brakes, safety is always paramount; users can find purchase on all but the very roughest terrain and brake whenever required. Then the Walker 12er will be your faithful companion when you are heading outdoors. The Walker 9er is the most compact model and it’s light and compact for easy storage and transport. This black and green coloured Trionic Rollator Walker comes fitted with superior, 14 inch wheels that provide extra purchase and improved comfort on all surfaces. With its versatile seat bag and backpack, the large version of the Navy and Yellow Trionic Veloped Trek is your perfect companion for exploring the great outdoors! Now you can head for green areas, walking paths, exercise trails and the forest to fully enjoy fitness walking - feeling safe and free to go wherever you want. USA. It is not the device, but what the device has made possible for her again...walks in the countryside...she is a new person since... Bought a Veloped for my wife who suffered from a joint problem. The great outdoors is soothing, it heals and it gives you renewed energy. Free Shipping* of orders exceeding US$300. All Terrain Rollator Veloped Trek All Terrain Rollators and Off Road Rollators have been designed specifically for outdoor use along forest paths, rough ground and grass, where a traditional rollator would struggle to cope with the terrain. The Trionic Rollator Walker is known for its high quality and reliability, helping to make walks easier, safer and more comfortable for those who are less mobile. Instead, you can spend your time walking and enjoying nature, gaining more comfort when walking along forest paths, bumpy roads, or merely walking around in old city centers. Chambre à air CST Tous no... Vous pouvez choisir entre trois différents pneus à air comprimé offrant différentes ba... Vous pouvez choisir entre deux poignées différentes, toutes deux disponibles en deux t... Option 1 : Enfoncez vers le bas avec votre index le mécanisme de verrouillage infé... 1. Click here and enter your address and we will send you a free brochure. The Trionic Walker rollators offer several novelties; Syncro Steering, All-Terrain Brakes, Pneumatic or "Supersoft" PU Tires, All-Aluminium-Frame and several Upgrade Options. Especially outside, on uneven terrain, sandy roads, or even regular asphalt, the problem becomes even more evident. The Walker 12er will be your faithful companion when you are heading outdoors and need a rollator that copes with cobblestones and uneven streets. With Pneumatic tires, like the Trionic Velopeds and Walkers are mounted with, you will minimize the problem. We call it the “terminator” as it leaves all other rollators trailing behind it. A basket is also provided so that users can carry items including shopping. One zippered outer compartment and two mesh pockets swallow your smaller items. This is the large version of the Swedish-made Trionic Veloped Sport Walker. Please click the button to order our free product brochure. The Trionic Rollator Walker has 9 inch wheels and is a mobility aid of superb quality, offering a wide range of exceptional features to make walking easier, safer and more comfortable. Shimmying and skewed swivel wheels are frequently mentioned by rollator users as being a definite problem area. Find their best mobility new and second hand disability equipment products to … The Walker has been designed to promote your active life style, and hopefully it will permanently change how you look at rollators and wheeled walkers. An additional central pulley guarantees that you will enjoy the same type of steering that your car offers, called the “Ackermann Steering Geometry”. In addition there is a zippered outer compartment and two mesh side pockets that fit two water bottles. You will immediately feel the difference when you walk with a rollator with pneumatic tires. Learn about the true premium quality rollator, Explore the different options available for optimizing the Walker rollator to your needs, Learn about all the unique features of your new rollator, The biggest differece between the different Walker rollator models are in the textiles. Trionic offer you different tire options, and you can choose the correct tire for your Walker 12er/14er, all according to your requirements and favored walking terrain.

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