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Press J to jump to the feed. Furthermore, Bungie has also hinted that they intend to "re-issue" certain weapons/armor in the future, thus giving them another 12 months in the sun. We pride ourselves in knowing the weapons of Destiny and Destiny 2 and helping others find proper weapons for their play style and endgame activities. A: Most legendary weapons are capable of being Masterworked. PvP Console. No great range perks but it still works well. best. So rapid hit would be the god roll. u/HavocsCall, with contributions from @chrisfried, and @sundevour. So much utility and damage. Other than that this is amazing, rapid hit is fantastic on console. Dire Promise – This hand cannon won’t last the year, but it will last the fall, and will outlive the likes of Spare Rations, at the very least. I'd say the new "God Roll" would be Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Rapid Hit/Snapshot, Rangefinder and either a Stability or Handling masterwork. A: The Bungie API currently says that all weapons can potentially roll with all stats as their masterwork stat. Rapid Hit + Rampage is the ideal roll in my opinion. Gnawing Hunger – The best PvP weapon in the game right now and one of the best PvE ones for good measure. I have a similar roll and I love pairing it on my Hunter with Liar's handshake and a one-two punch shotty. r/ShardItKeepIt was founded on the principle of whether a weapon should be kept or sharded. BARREL Hammer forged Arrow head break. Every player should be seen by our scraper. Barrel: Hammer Forged Rifling. Console spare rations I would look for full bore/extended barrel/ hammer forged/small bore. This gun is a monster. It has. share . 8. Arrowbreak/ fluted barrel Extended mag/ Alloy magazine Rapid hit Multikillclip, Excited to get some more roles when new patch drops. I'll be honest rapid hit is the best part of the gun, it makes it feel so snappy. save hide report. This gun is amazing on PvP. Unless you're an extremely good player you're not gonna get a 3 stack going of multi kill clip. And if there’s an auto rifle nerf, expect this to become even more meta. On PvE it's also extremely good, however I think it's missing some damage to be granted 5 stars. share. Only way to 3 tap past 28m is with RF. This may be heading for a nerf, but maybe not. If you run Fighting Lion with it or Handcannon Scavenger you’re good. Also swashbuckler is debatable for pvp, kc or mkc would be better. Snapshot Sights/Rangefinger – Yes, you want Rangefinder for PvP after the hand cannon range nerf. I recently got what I think is a god roll dire promise and I wanted to compare it to my spare rations to see which is more effective to pair with my beloved. Dire Promise: Sureshot/hitmark Ricochet rounds Snapshot sights Rangefinder, Spare Rations: Hammer-forged rifling Ricochet rounds Snapshot sights Multikill clip. Close. I think it's amazing and would stop grinding but some people love Rapid hit. I recently grinded reckoning for around 4 hours and got this an was wondering if it could be considered the god roll. Feeding Frenzy/Swashbuckler or Multikill Clip – This is my PvE roll, but I don’t use it much in PvE, to be honest. God-roll Spare Rations? Close. This is a good roll imo. One of the best primaries for both pve and pvp. 3. A: The perks outside of the boxes are a fixed, "curated" roll from Bungie. As always I appreciate this community so much, and you're more than welcome to join our Discord! hammer forged light mag fourth times the charm range finder range mw thoughts? I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. Spare Rations God Roll? Only thing we could do better is high cal or ricotchet but I wouldn't grind anymore IMO. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sharditkeepit community. Explain how multikill clip is God tier for pvp but kill clip isn't? Add that to the fact that you get the equivalent of Rampage x 3 on a melee kill and this seems like a pretty sweet roll to me. holy fucking shit i finally got one to drop with a good roll, rapid hit + kill clip. Subsistence/Demolitionist – For your grenade build needs. A: Bungie has announced that beginning in Season 12, weapons will have a cap on the power to which you are able to infuse them. Spike Grenades/Autoloading/Demolitionist or Disruption Break – A solid PvE roll depending on your situation. 5. A: Each weapon has its own recommendations independent of whether the perk is preferred on any other weapon. Also, range matters less with the recent nerfs to hand cannons, due the range being "capped" anyway. will likely trend toward being more popular, otherwise people wouldn't keep the roll, let alone equip it. Not nearly a god roll. Sign in with your Bungie account to track your collection, review your favorite gear, compete on the leaderboards, and more! A SR with All range rolls will 3 tap from 28m. Source: Complete Gambit Prime matches and increase your rank. I know I got a spare rations God roll. A: Partially. Crowd control city. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sharditkeepit community. I would put either Minor or Major Spec on it - should 1 headshot most red bar ads which is why major spec at Swashbuckler x5 could be good. 4. So, if 22% of rolls use the most popular perk in a column and 11% of rolls use the least popular perk, the bar on the least popular perk should appear to be roughly half full. We're calling this process "sunsetting". I was curious as to, How many hc reserves do I need to make subsistence "decent", One should be fine but primary ammo drops enough that it’s not a problem unless you’re not moving around. 100% Upvoted. Other times, those perks are just for display, such as when you preview an item from your collection. Pve, well I dont use HC and cant say nything about it but it feels nice and smoth at leat at pc. 6. Close. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. . And then ricochet rounds, with slideshot rapid hit and a range MW. Outlaw/Rampage or Multikill Clip – For a more traditional roll, I suppose. Until Bungie modifies the API files to 100% accurately display which masterwork stats are possible on Subsistence/Rampage or Swashbuckler – The PvE roll. The masterwork system is a way for you to upgrade your favorite weapons to their maximum potential. Congratulations! recoil is almost like its grandson the midnight, i got a bunz roll hip-fire and field prep. Your weapons are not going away, yet they will be limited in terms of how powerful they can be as Bungie pushes us to farm new stuff and move out of certain metas. Overflow/Swashbuckler – A fun combo. Rangefinder or slideshot would be far more beneficial than killclip, as rangefinder gives a permanent massive range boost, and slideshot lets you take on another engagement. Armor 2.0. I have an Austringer with the exact same rolls except for accurized rounds instead of Ricochet, and the two the best hand cannons, and each are better than the other based on the situation.

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