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The Ultimate Smash Tier List. Of course, it’s possible Nintendo could correct course in a future update to the game, giving Diddy Kong a boost that pushes him up in the tier list rankings. Here’s what it should have, The best Black Friday streaming service deals, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla patch adds 60 fps mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X, Twitch bot does nothing but check PS5 and Xbox Series X stock all day. Update (Dec. 27): Zero has now released a nearly 20-minute tutorial on how to play Sonic, one of the missing characters from the tier list above. It’s only been a day since Super Smash Bros Ultimate released, but many players were able to get their hands on early copies of the game. King K. Rool, once thought to be one of the game’s best characters thus far, has moved down below both Donkey Kong and Bowser in terms of heavies. Inkling is now listed as the best character in the game — according to Zero — a big upgrade from nearly last on the earlier lists Tier 1 section. In Melee he plays Fox. Zero streams on the Twitch platform, where he has put out an early version of his Super Smash Bros. As ZeRo says in the recently published YouTube video (spotted by EventHubs), the new version of Diddy Kong simply feels “unrewarding to play.” He adds that Nintendo nerfed several of his moves to make them less powerful, including Diddy’s banana and his throw-into-up-air combo, which no longer kills enemies as reliably. Ultimate gains more ground and new characters are added throughout 2019. Interestingly, it seems that Zero forgot to tier Daisy — an echo fighter of Peach, the new seventh-best character on his list — and Dark Pit. According to the streamer and pro player, he simply forgot to add Sonic to the list before publishing. Sonic previously appeared as a top-tier pick in Zero’s initial roster last month, so he could potentially remain in a high position. So what happened to plunge Diddy Kong down the tier list in Smash Bros. Diddy Kong was a top pick in Super Smash Bros. Wii U, showing up at the top of most tier lists for the 4th generation fighting game (the character was even featured in a prank video where a 10-year-old girl crushed competitors with the pint-sized monkey). On the flip side, the hype for characters like Simon and Richter Belmont has cooled significantly, falling off the top tier. Are you enjoying Super Smash Bros Ultimate so far? Ultimate tier lists. Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios is a Wii U Diddy Kong main from Los Angeles, California and originally from Chillán, Chile who plays for Tempo Storm. Since his initial tier list at the start of last month, some characters have made some serious moves, as seen in the video above. Tier lists are largely opinion based and can vary based on how much you weigh results vs theoretical viability, but you’ll still see many similar trends amongst many lists. ZeRo previously grouped the character in a “feels decent” category, while pro-player Joseph “Seagull Joe” Raucher ranked Diddy in his third-best tier, noting that the character has at least one “major weakness.”. Ultimate Pro Players’ Tier Lists combined – month 1! ZeRo, MVD, ANTi, ESAM, VoiD, & many more) Ultimate. Most of the newer characters rest comfortably at the top of the list, while a lot of the returning characters take a step back. One of such players is pro-gamer, Gonzalo Barrios, otherwise known as Zero. 2015-2020 Powered By The Nerd Stash, All Rights Reserved. Falco Illusion is better, up smash can now connect better reliable, and down tilt can now combo better. Who knows what will happen due to them? Professional players around the world have been messing with the game’s fighters to find out just who could really destroy the competition. Save Reset. In the Super Smash Bros Ultimate community, tier lists exist to show the competitive viability of every character. ZeRo, MVD, ANTi, ESAM, VoiD, & many more) Ultimate. And poor Little Mac still doesn’t have a chance. Ultimate subreddit is doing some more ... inventive kinds of tier listings as well.

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