shure ksm9 frequency response

Shure contact en service aanvraagformulier. The output of these capsules is manipulated electronically to support two pickup patterns, cardioid and supercardioid. A microphone with tailored frequency response is usually designed to enhance a sound source in a particular application. Draadloze Microfoon Drop Out Problemen Oplossen In 10 Stappen, Download PDF The KSM9 with the ULXD2 digital handheld transmitter features the KSM9 cardioid/supercardioid condenser vocal microphone head which captures vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail to deliver clear articulation and precise vocal reproduction for live performance. WHY SHOULDN’T I JUST GET THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE MODEL AND BE DONE WITH IT?” Well the answer to that question is this. KSM9 draadloze versie is beschikbaar bij het breed geaccepteerde premium UHF-R systeem. For instance, a microphone may have a peak in the 2 – 8 kHz range to increase intelligibility for live vocals. Dual-voice ribbon microphone features resilience at extreme SPLs and increased durability, and consists of a swivel mount, and protective case. (166 KB), Dual verguld, lichtgewicht Mylar diafragma ontwerp; Instelbare polar patterns (supercardioïde en cardioïde), Premium elektronische componenten, zoals Klasse A transformatorloze voorversterker-elektronica, Vergulde interne en externe connectoren, waaronder XLR-output duurzame aluminium behuizing, Volledig spectrum frequency response (50 Hz - 20.000 Hz), 1 - AK9C Zipped Carrying Case for KSM9, 1 - A25E Stand Adapter, 1 - 95A2050 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter. Shure KSM9 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. The Shure KSM9 contains a frequency response within the range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, and yield impedance of 145 ohms. (1,999 KB), Download PDF The mic has a dual-diaphragm 19.8mm OD electret condenser capsule, with diaphragms mounted 3.7mm apart. In Uncategorizedby tfwm February 7, 2014. Shure’s KSM9 is a stage condenser in a traditional handheld form factor. Submit a ticket directly to Shure Customer Service staff, or reach out via phone or email. Cardioid dynamic vocal microphone redefines dynamic microphone technology as the first high-end dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone. Great on voice, excellent in a kickdrum! Product Review: SHURE MICROPHONES’ KSM9. Ideal for touring musicians regardless of venue, the KSM9 provides superior sound in any application that demands reference quality audio. Robuuste, zeer professionele ribbon microfoon. General Description Performance Characteristics Consistent with legendary Shure microphone • Extremely uniform polar response innovation, the KSM9 is the first handheld con- • Extended frequency response denser with dual diaphragms and variable polar • Minimal self-noise patterns. Premium zangmicrofoon voor in de studio met duale diafragma's en drie aanpasbare polar patterns, ideaal voor studio-opnametoepassingen. Premium zang microfoon, met omschakelbare hypercardioïode en subcardioïde polar patterns. Cardioid condenser vocal microphone offers a dual diaphragm and switchable polar patterns to deliver precise vocal reproduction. Sterk. For instance, a microphone may have a peak in the 2 – 8 kHz range to increase intelligibility for live vocals. Shure KSM9 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. You can see that the KSM9 accentuates more high frequencies but reduces more low frequencies in comparison to the SM58. De KSM9 is vooral een premium zangmicrofoon met een instelbaar polar pattern (stelt gebruikers in staat te schakelen tussen cardioïde en supercardioïde karakteristieken). De KSM9 is een premium condensator-zangmicrofoon die de zangsubtiliteiten uitzonderlijk gedetailleerd opvangt en een heldere articulatie en nauwkeurige zangweergave levert voor live optredens. This allows the performer to move closer or further from the microphone with minimal changes in sound quality. It features a dual Mylar … Vocal microphone provides warm, accurate sound due to its supercardioid polar pattern. Frequency response graphs are very useful when comparing microphones. Complete product documentation, technical support materials, software and firmware, and other tools and resources for all Shure products, in one place. De condensator-zangmicrofoon heeft een supercardioïde polar pattern en een egale respons voor een warm, nauwkeurig geluid. Verwacht smoothness en nauwkeurigheid over het gehele frequency range, omdat de KSM9 een helderheid biedt die alleen vergelijkbaar is met een studiomicrofoon. With its dual diaphragm design and switchable polar patterns, the KSM9 is the choice for the world's most accomplished vocal performances. Shure. The entire midrange, which corresponds for vocal and most instrumental sounds is precise as never before. De KSM9 is verkrijgbaar in twee kleuren: champagne (KSM9SL) of antraciet (KSM9CG) en wordt geleverd met een aluminium case.

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