quinoa risotto asparagus

Red or Green: Cheddar Cheese and Red Chile Potato Soup Get new recipes and lifestyle tips delivered straight to your inbox. I took this to a new mama as a gift. Thanks! Napa Farmhouse 1885: Cheese and Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas Chop up some fresh asparagus, along with some fresh thyme. -Roast asparagus for 8-10 minutes until lightly brown and just tender. Season lightly with salt and pepper. (Make sure the heat isn’t too high or you’ll burn the quinoa, which is gross.). When I reflected on the cooking process and considered the flavor and texture of the final product, I realized that it reminded me of risotto. Taste and season with more salt and pepper if necessary. Add asparagus to quinoa mixture and cook, stir often, until asparagus is tender when pierced and almost all liquid is absorbed (5 minutes). Thanks, Leila! Everyone needs to eat. You are the first to report back, and I’m thrilled to hear it was a success! Freshly roasted asparagus and chopped sun-dried tomatoes were lovingly folded in at the last minute, and a beautiful spring dinner was served. tag @serenagwolf and use #domesticateme on social media! I am going to try this! Quinoa Risotto with Asparagus lets you celebrate spring with its healthy ingredients. However, since we are currently attempting to eat a little healthier, I decided to try out something new and to create a vegan Asparagus Mushroom Quinoa Risotto by replacing the arborio rice with quinoa and eliminating some of the large quantities of cheese and butter used in the other recipe. I’ve heard that unwashed quinoa is very bitter, but it doesn’t look like you washed it here before frying it? Stir until parmesan is melted and everything is well combined. I don’t want to go into one of my quinoa raves (lest you think I’m some sort of fetishist at this point), but you know the drill. It’s still a rare occasion (we’re working on it) in our house when we find healthy meals well received by both kids and grown ups so I’m always excited to find something new that is liked by all. Served this tonight with some grilled fish and Husband and I both loved it. You can also follow the regular risotto recipe and add butter and cheeses if you are not looking for a vegan version. Just begin by doing a bit of prep work before you start cooking the risotto. This is definitely more than enough incentive for cooking this Mushroom Asparagus Quinoa Risotto and with a little luck (or a lot) I will be able to get our kids to eat it. FN Dish: Cheesy Brunch Sides. Le Creuset 3-quart Stainless Steel Saucepan. See what I mean? After taking the first bite, I was blown away by this creamy, cheesy, flavor-blasted quinoa heaven. Quinoa Risotto with Roasted Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomatoes: (Serves 2 as a main course, 4 as a side), Ingredients: I have been seeing chefs and magazines posting a lot of recipes for “grain” risottos like qunoa and barley. -Stir the herb puree and Parmesan cheese into the cooked quinoa. Amazing per usual. I’ll make a note in the recipe. There is a lot of great information in those links above; quinoa is high in protein, a good source of riboflavin, low in calories, it’s gluten free, and more! Serve this quinoa risotto on its own or as a side with pretty much any meat or fish, and embrace my your inner culinary genius, friends. Remove from heat and set aside. In a 4-quart sauce pan, sautee onion in olive oil and butter until transluscent. Season with a little salt and fresh ground pepper, and toss to coat. If you’re already a member, invite your friends to join us too! Add quinoa and white wine and cook over medium-high heat until wine is almost all evaporated. Puree until smooth. (Don’t overcook them, peeps! Once I made quinotto a bit by accident; I added watery veggies with the regular amount of water. Please check your email for further instructions. The acidity from the sun-dried tomatoes perfectly balanced the hint of sweetness from the herbs, and the asparagus added a slight crunch. She shares this love on The Scrumptious Pumpkin. http://vegetarian.about.com/od/glossary/g/whatisquinoa.htm. I live in NYC with my muse and am extremely passionate about good food, good people, and bad TV.

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