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This process will ensure proper planning of a project also it will help in producing project management plans such as scope management plan, schedule management plan, cost management plan etc. Marketing techniques have changed from traditional which was based mostly on goods only, goods and services "contents": { Earned value analysis is performed by the project manager at regular intervals to ascertain the project’s budget and schedule status. loadScript(); "options": false "padding-bottom": "14.5px" Effective project control is foundational to good project management. During this phase, a lessons learned document is produced by the project management team. "padding-bottom": "14.5px" Integration management will produce a series of deliverables. In order to achieve the information integration, information identification and systematic code is … "styles": { "contents": { It lays out the goals of the project as well as the business case for it, and authorizes the project manager. }, It belongs to project planning process group. "button": "Add to cart" "text": { "button": "View product" } One important aspect of this process is change management. }, "padding-top": "14.5px", [CDATA[*/ "font-size": "13px" Closing the project involves reviewing the processes, successes and deficits that were encountered during the project life-cycle. He is also the technical brains behind ProjectEngineer, the online project management system for engineers. } "toggle": { } else { The third process in integration management is the development of the project plan. options: { } The second process is the development of the preliminary scope statement. There are almost always a myriad of things that must be done to close a project or phase. The project work must be monitored and controlled to ensure that it adheres to the project management plan. "padding-bottom": "14.5px" "quantityInput": { Unlike most of the project management knowledge areas, which deal with a specific area of expertise of the project manager, the Project Integration Management knowledge area is something of a catch-all, containing many of the everyday actions of a project manager. }); Project Integration management is the knowledge area exclusively for the use of project managers. "font-size": "14px" As a bridge engineer and project manager, he manages projects ranging from small, local bridges to multi-million dollar projects. In some ways, it is “above” the project. Fifth, project work must be monitored and controlled. } } Project Management Certification & Careers. It is usually no more than one page long. Any further knowledge must be acquired throughout the project. This process is closely related to the sixth: the control of integrated change. }, if (window.ShopifyBuy) { }, Project charters state the project objectives and name the project manager. "font-size": "13px", "font-size": "13px", script.onload = ShopifyBuyInit; (function () { } "button": { "title": "Shopping Cart", The processes within the Project Integration Management knowledge area are: The project charter is the incorporation document of the project. loadScript(); All Rights Reserved. "quantityInput": { "@media (min-width: 601px)": { "buttonWithQuantity": true Project changes need to be meticulously processed, or the dreaded “scope creep” bug might crawl in and make itself at home. Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay. •Project Schedule: A list of planned dates for performing activities and meeting the milestones identified in the project plan. This may seem like alot of “non-chargeable” work, but when there is confidence in the earned value data, decisive action can be taken in the early stages of a variance to get the project back on track. "styles": { "img": false, It’s clear now that Intergration happens at all stages to fit the required knowledge and skills in the right spot for efficiency and effectiveness. }, PMI Project Knowledge Areas, Video 1: Project Integration, Implementing Six Sigma in Your Organization, Final product, service, or result transition. "padding-top": "14.5px", }, } domain: '', "product": { "button": "Checkout" This document will be revisited in the scope management element of PMBOK. "button": { "modalProduct": { }, The project plan includes the project charter, the definition of the project, project objectives, the project budget, the project schedule, the resources required for the project, the approach, management plans, and the initial risk assessment. It is the glue that holds the project … (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(script); PDF | Major role of PROJECT INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT project management . } if (window.ShopifyBuy.UI) { moneyFormat: '%24%7B%7Bamount%7D%7D', All ten knowledge areas are covered in it, and more than half of the PMBOK’s processes are used in its creation. "imgWithCarousel": true, A Statement of Work identifies the project’s scope, although a complete scope statement is not the goal at this stage. All of us know that the project managers are also called as integrators. Measuring the project’s status is often a significant exercise – how do you measure it, who will measure it, and how often. Requests for project change may be made during the project life-cycle. }, A team must be formed in order to oversee requests for change and implementation of change. "buttonDestination": "modal", That falls to the project scope knowledge area. "text": { node: document.getElementById('product-component-1580491648497'), }, Managing the day to day work of the project falls under this process – Things like responding to questions, directing the project team, holding status meetings, and so forth. } Items produced during this phase include the final deliverable product. /*]]>*/, Project Engineer has collaborated to provide the latest covid-19 stats and prevention methods. He lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, with his wife and two kids. "margin-left": "-20px" "styles": { } "padding-right": "23px" } "font-size": "13px", "button": { This is when the project really gets underway. The next process involved is the directing and monitoring of project execution. If the project is in IT, the deliverable will be the software program. var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({ Project integration, when properly performed, ensures that all processes in a project run smoothly. "font-size": "13px", "margin-left": "0px", Stay safe! "padding-top": "14.5px", The first of these processes is the development of the project charter. }); The project inherits a knowledge bank from its project team or organizational unit. It is the glue that holds the project together. } And finally, the project must transfer the new knowledge back into the organization for use in future endeavors. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. "margin-left": "20px", Below is a summary of what project integration management involves. Develop Project Management Plan is the second of the project integration management processes. Finally, the project must be closed when it has been completed. "count": { The project charter initiates the project. Writing a Test Plan: Test Strategy, Schedule, and Deliverables, Writing a Test Plan: Define Test Criteria, Writing a Test Plan: Plan Test Resources, Writing a Test Plan: Product Analysis and Test Objectives, Innovate to Increase Personal Effectiveness, Project Management Software Reviews, Tips, & Tutorials. }, "@media (min-width: 150px)": { "product": { All projects utilize a knowledge subset to produce the required deliverables. var scriptURL = ''; There’s nothing that creates more stress than project changes. If the project needs more money, more time, more people, or more of anything to accomplish the same end result, there is certain to be ramifications.

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