potato and chickpea shakshuka

I was generous with all the spices. Can’t wait to eat the leftovers. I would not hesitate for a moment to serve this dish with my meat eater friends, even in the hunting camp. I just made it and its so yummy omg, I’m definitely making it again for my family. It’s cooking right now! This deluxe shakshuka recipe consists in adding extra ingredients to the classic version, chosen carefully to make it more wholesome, nutritious and flavorful. Instead of tomato paste I used some ketchup and replaced coconut sugar with a little brown sugar. Thanks for another winner (even if it is a few years old!). Thank You!! Definitely adding in lots of olives, too! THAT SHAKSHUKA WAS AMAZING!!!! They’re the only ones I see. Add the diced onion and chopped garlic; season with salt and pepper. of okra. . SO YUM! I was able to get all of the ingredients I needed at the supermarket. Absolutely love it. We’re glad you and your husband enjoyed it! Glad I doubled the recipe :) Thanks so much :). Discover my easy and often healthy, plant-based recipes, always prepared with natural ingredients. I made this for my dad who is a meat eater and he loved it. I decided I needed more salt and doubled all the spices, yet I still tasted the only marinara sauce. I love the addition of olives! We have been trying to reduce our consumption of meat products for both health and environment issues. Xo. Many thanks . I am definitely making this again. Where are the eggs? Not hard to make and so tasty!! Wash and dry the fresh produce. I thought the recipe could use less sugar than what is called for. I ate half for dinner and half for lunch the next day! Will make again for sure ❤️ I did add a little extra of each spicy to give it more kick and put in two full cans of chickpeas since, well, what am I going to do with one half can of chickpeas? Of course you can – it’s vegan Shakshuka – compassionate cuisine! I do a Moroccan version of this and add eggs at the end. Didn’t follow the measurements per se and just used whatever greens were in my fridge (this time kale and celery) but it was a fantastic guide for flavours. Thanks so much for this recipe! You can (and we did) eat this for any meal or snack. I also created some cauliflower rice to flesh out the meal, but kept it in separate containers so that it doesn’t become soggy and can absorb the sauce when served. Cover the pan with foil. Thanks. I would suggest adding way more spice and more olives. I plan on making your tofu kale scramble tomorrow morning. The result was a Symphony of flavors. This looks lovely, can’t wait to try and incorporate more veggie meals in to my routine! Our quest to find tasty and wholesome alternatives is both fun and entertaining. My canned tomatoes had a pretty powerful taste so took a lot of extra flavors to balance em out. Enjoy with flatbread, rice, mashed potatoes or pasta. * Sponsored by Tabasco, and as usual all opinions are my own* When it comes to weekend brunch recipes, a super easy shakshuka is the sort of meal that gets you out of bed. I’m so excited to have such a simple version of this! You can improvise and if you have a fresh chile or two, feel free to dice ’em up and saute them with the onions. So simple and healthy. We’re so glad you were able to modify and it still turned out well! I love how little time this took to cook! Our plan is to serve it over rice or farro (possibly with sautéed kale from our garden). It sounds super simple to make and have all the ingredients in my pantry right now :) From the name, I thought it would be more complicated – but I need to make room in my weekly meal plan for this <3. Thanks for another fantastic dish ❤️❤️❤️, Happy birthday, Mairéad! Overall very good and thanks for the recipe! I didn’t have cardamom but ground some coriander. Thanks so much for sharing! The egg was nice but not necessary. Thank you !! After cooking squeezed in the juice of half a lemon and a handful of chopped cilantro. Made this and it was even better the next day for lunch! Sublime! Then I did a bit of experimenting while serving. I tried to veganize a shakshuka recipe once before and it went horribly. Spicy and warm, my taste buds are singing!! Reheat on the stovetop until completely warmed through. I’m eating this now, and wow, it is delicious! I made this, I added chicken!! Whoop! Can you tell me what the differences are? We’re so glad you enjoyed it! I had never heard of Shakshuka before, but the ingredients sounded great. Thanks so much amazing, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Diane. I added a couple more dashes of cayenne and served with basmati rice. I served with white rice, cilantro, fresh cracked pepper, and kosher salt on top. This recipe delivers on all promises! Yum – just made this. Added double the chickpeas and a whole green capsicum. I thought it said 2 cans of chickpeas when it really says 1 1/2. Was delicious! Thank you for posting it. Great flavor. You always come to the rescue with your recipes. The spices, chickpeas, and olives made it an interesting twist on chili and cornbread. Used both diced and strained tomatoes- and blended as suggested. It was so delicious! Loved it. It is a fun idea for those who don’t eat eggs. There were several fussy eaters in the group and they all ate all their meal. Shakshuka in Israel is always with eggs. Made this last night. I’ve cooked it with eggs, next time I will do it with chickpeas, I can already imagine how nice it will be. It was both! My boyfriend wanted to make this again this week. Whoop! Seriously. This was fantastic! Can’t wait for left overs for lunch tomorrow. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, adding more cumin or paprika for smokiness, cayenne for heat, coconut sugar for sweetness, cardamom and coriander for earthiness (or slight curry flavor), chili powder for smoke/heat, or olives for saltiness and to balance the tomato flavor. We are glad you and your husband enjoyed it, Brooke! These recipes showcase a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as lean proteins and moderate portions of dairy. We are so glad to hear it turned out well- thanks for sharing! Glad I gave this recipe a chance. Yay! This is my first dish that I have made off of Minimalist Baker. Our menus change every week, so with each delivery you learn to cook inventive new dishes with seasonal ingredients. I’ve made this several times, and it’s always delicious! Both my husband and I make this at home, we take it to gatherings, and we serve it to company. Unfortunately it wasn’t my favorite dish that I’ve made by minimalist baker. Dana, I love all your recipes. I added a couple tablespoons of harissa for spice and it really took the dish to the next level for me. Tomorrow will be cold and rainy and I have chick peas, so I’m making this! I’ve had it with bread and rice. We are so glad you and your hubby enjoyed it! My husband made this for dinner tonight, and it was amazing. This was incredible! Otherwise looking forward to making it again. Best recipe made tonight so tasty with the herbs and spices, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kathleen. I came across this recipe thanks to BuzzFeed. I thought adding the chickpeas would make a difference, but I was met with disappointment. Amazing combination of spices, just absolutely loved it!! Thanks so much for sharing! So amazing!! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, CJ! Also some curry (1tsp). At first I thought I made it too spicy because I used chipolata chili powder and I always toast my spies to release their flavor which made the spices pop. Great recipe! Starting from there, you have plenty of options to adapt the recipe, whether you have leftovers from the fridge to use or want to bring your own seasonal little twist. So, instead i used ground dry chillies which were roasted prior to grinding , dried mango powder (amchoor) and dried pomegranate powder (anardana powder). Served with a side of rice it was so good. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Was running low on ingredients in my pantry and found this a delicious and easy thing to make. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated without additional toppings or sides. I usually make chickpea curry but wanted to try something else with chickpeas and this did not disappoint! LOL Made this for dinner last night – incredible!!!! Smells amazing too. This recipe is simple and amazing. Heat a large rimmed metal or cast iron skillet over medium heat.

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