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/Subtype /Form /Type /XObject stream /Length 15 >> endstream endobj Timeline: Philosophy. /Filter /FlateDecode /Resources 61 0 R Philosophy as Therapy Logical Atomism Logicism Pragmatism Phenomenology German Idealism Existentialism Asceticism S o p h i s t s S o p h s i t ¯ e s thc.bce c.bce ì D i a l e c t i c a l S c h o o l +thc.bce rdc.bce _ C y r e n a i c s th rdc.bce C y n i c s K y n i k o s thc.bce thc.ce ı P h i l o s o p h e s thc. >> << Averroes. 7�+�NƖ��'_7`+��^L;}������O����͏_�x��1Ϲ�nn�6��VE�S�7�Twn!����}��Ex�q~�'�5X|�����#�yDs%|��G�� ߽:�:~�3�P;Rv���c�����8ƚ��y�;Y�p@�8�JiPݱs����\����^\�+>�R�2����ƛ�`�.V�t��� G|�^yV��^F�ϙ^jX�p�ަȫA�9�x���e��ѻ��N�b�5�x��c0'�g��� �6��! K'ung-fu-tzu, or Confucius, teaches a practical philosophy which will profoundly influence Chinese history, Go to Confucianism in ), Thomas Aquinas begins the outstanding work of medieval scholasticism, his Summa Theologiae, Go to Summa Theologiae in x�+T�2T ��t#ȝ�(f �29�K�-��P�%� �T�2PH�ݹ L�� << x���P(�� �� stream The period of time where the intellectual emphasis on rationalism transfers to empiricism. /Length 15 /Subtype /Form endobj /Resources 87 0 R Reason is how we access the eternal. John Duns Scotus. 26 0 obj To Plato, all material is finite and thus "flows" or changes (i.e. ), In his Monadology Leibniz describes a universe consisting of forceful interactive parts that he calls 'monads', Go to Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm in ), Unpublished American poet Emily Dickinson writes more than 300 poems within the year, Go to Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth (1830–86) in /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] He was the earliest to choose his reason over the senses. His legacy lived on through his students, including Plato and the early Cynics and Stoics. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics (3 ed.). /Length 15 /BBox [0 0 100 100] endstream /Type /XObject a horse and not a crocodile). /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] }��'B��3ϙݞ�4y,@�`^�Tn)N@��Ԓ�e����}\�jA��mÉe^%����}{���i�u��j��>b��z�r��ff��5��� Since later philosophers stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, it is necessary to take note of the specific contributions the ancient thinkers made to later periods that made greater contributions to the development of philosophy and theology (especially in influencing the Patristic and Medieval foundations of Christian culture). 74 0 obj >> The Rise of Greek Civilization 3 Chapter II. ), 25-year-old George Berkeley attacks Locke in his Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, Go to Berkeley, George (1685–1753) in endstream >> 66 0 obj /Length 15 Epicurus agreed with Democritus that we are made of atoms that will be returned to the earth when we die. stream /Subtype /Form /Filter /FlateDecode /Group << /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceGray >> /Type /XObject A Timeline of Western Philosophers click on any of the names below for more detailed information about the philosopher and his philosophy To find eastern philosophers, click on … Also known as the Buddha, Siddhārtha offered enlightenment by freeing oneself from the desire which will ultimately leads to suffering. >> The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (2 ed. << endobj /Resources 95 0 R Who's Who in the Twentieth Century (1 ed. World Encyclopedia (1 ed. 32 0 obj stream ), Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell complete a work of mathematical logic, Principia Mathematica, Go to Newton, Sir Isaac (1642–1727) in /Group << /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceGray >> stream 60 0 obj << Cynics held that happiness is not found in power, materials or wealth. /Group << /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceGray >> >> Who's Who in the Twentieth Century (1 ed. ), The Persian scholar Avicenna, author of encyclopedic works on philosophy and medicine, spends the last part of his life in Isfahan, Go to Avicenna (980–1037) in ), Aristotle, at the age of seventeen, comes to Athens to join Plato's academy, Go to Aristotle (384–322 bc) in stream >> Palmer’s Looking at Philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell complete a work of mathematical logic. He asked: "What is the basic substance of the cosmos?" /Type /XObject ), In Language, Truth and Logic 26-year-old A.J. ), French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre expounds his theory of existentialism in Being and Nothingness ('L'Être et le néant'), Go to Sartre, Jean‐Paul (1905–80) in /FormType 1 x���P(�� �� /FormType 1 /Resources 59 0 R /Resources 18 0 R >> Plato was the greatest philosopher-student of Socrates. /Filter /FlateDecode >> x���P(�� �� /Length 15 The years following the Medieval age, known as a "rebirth" of many of the cultural influences of the Hellenistic age. /Length 15 The cultural father of the Jewish people (and ultimately Christian and Muslim). endobj ), In On Liberty John Stuart Mill makes the classic liberal case for the priority of the freedom of the individual, Go to Mill, John Stuart (1806–73) in /Length 15 /FormType 1 Socrates ultimately dies for his ideas which were deemed dangerous by the politicians of Athens. << u[ �P��2������² �g��k�t�w�[gc Wޤ;�E;�ӸTF��i�̵b��ޝid���]ar+���F��I�.����sDk*�AK��Cܦ59��3P�U�ʍW! x���P(�� �� /FormType 1 x���P(�� �� ), Ludwig Wittgenstein publishes his influential study of the philosophy of logic, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, In I and Thou the Austrian theologian Martin Buber interprets religion in terms of the subjective experience of interpersonal relationships, Go to Buber, Martin (1878–1965) in /FormType 1 >> He started the greatest school of philosophy in Athens, the Academy. He thus concluded water was the basic element. stream /Resources 50 0 R >> >> /Type /XObject 57 0 obj stream stream endobj endobj /Type /XObject << 55 0 obj /Subtype /Form It was Diogenes who was offered anything he desired from Alexander the Great, he replied with the request the Alexander steps to the right so the sun would shine on him. /Filter /FlateDecode Parmenides is the first pure philosopher, using logic as a philosophical tool in his poem, The Chinese philosophy of alternating opposites is expressed as, Socrates is now sufficiently prominent to be satirized in, Marcus Aurelius is rare among emperors in writing twelve books of philosophical, Prompted by the fall of Rome to the Visigoths, St Augustine undertakes a great work of Christian philosophy, the, Boethius, in prison in Pavia and awaiting execution, writes the, Saadiah Gaon writes a seminal work of Jewish philosophy in his, In Cairo the Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides writes, in Arabic, a much translated text with the endearing title, Thomas Aquinas begins the outstanding work of medieval scholasticism, his, 25-year-old George Berkeley attacks Locke in his. /FormType 1 He determined that "everything flows" or is in a constant state of change. stream endstream /Subtype /Form /Type /XObject >> ), German philosopher Immanuel Kant publishes the first of his three 'critiques', The Critique of Pure Reason, Go to Kant, Immanuel (1724–1804) in ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY Part I. endobj His impact was vast and was one of the main authors of Socrates' ideas. /Subtype /Form >> /Resources 8 0 R stream /Type /XObject /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] /BBox [0 0 100 100] /Length 15 >> /Filter /FlateDecode Al-Ghazali. /Resources 77 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode x���P(�� �� At the core of his contribution is his belief that all people have common ability to apply reason to discover truth. /Resources 56 0 R /Length 15 48 0 obj /Subtype /Form stream ), German mathematician Gottlob Frege publishes Grundlagen der Arithmetik ('Foundations of Arithmetic'), linking mathematics and logic, Go to Frege, (Friedrich Ludwig) Gottlob (1848–1925) in /Resources 93 0 R >> endobj /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] Empedocles solves the dilemma created by Heraclitus and Parmenides: The world is made of something, yet the world changes. x���P(�� �� /Length 30 x�+�2T0 B��˥�kh����� O�� /FormType 1 /Filter /FlateDecode /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] World Encyclopedia (1 ed. 22 0 obj endstream The fearful is easy to endure.". /Type /XObject /BBox [0 0 100 100] << The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature (3 ed. /Length 15 Among other things, Galileo developed theories about celestial bodies that upset the social and religious establishment. endobj >> The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (2 rev ed. stream /Type /XObject /FormType 1 stream x���P(�� �� /Filter /FlateDecode << /FormType 1 Create professional timelines & roadmaps in minutes. << /Filter /FlateDecode The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy (2 rev ed. /Filter /FlateDecode /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] /Type /XObject /Matrix [1 0 0 1 0 0] /Length 15 /Resources 63 0 R Oxford Dictionary of English (3 ed. 96 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode A period of time marked be the decline of Greek culture and a fusion of the cultures/beliefs of a multitude of kingdoms.

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