open concept kitchen cabinets

And, yes, I speak from experience on this one. I’ve always lived in cities where space didn’t come at a premium, and – people might virtually slap me for saying this – I’d always have a twinge of jealousy when I’d see studios or smaller homes/apartments online where the person who lived there just got SUPER creative with the space. Our sites use cookies to improve your experience. Perhaps this is more comfortable for you: Yes, this kitchen – everything from the sagey green color and the floor-to-ceiling tilework to the brass detailing – is pretty swoony, and we get WHY both upper and lower cabinetry is the standard…it works for most people and helps you tuck away all your cooking/dining/entertaining sundries. For task lighting, I like to use the newer LED tape lights installed into a small groove that I carved out of the underside of the open shelves. To think that anything you need/want can fit in a few deep drawers, cabinets and ONE SHELF. Hearing from you and everyone else who’s not just on board this look but actually doing it IRL is giving me life! In my kitchen, lower drawers with dividers and bins inside plus one floor-to-ceiling pantry cupboard (with drawers and shelves) provide enough storage. I’d be interested to know where the perception comes from too. But that onslaught of dark, sultry cherry left room for something a little lighter to break up the denseness of that look…ladies and gentleman, here comes the glass-front cabinet to save the day. Fewer cabinets will allow me to buy better quality materials and the pantry means that everything is accessible for our family of 6. When you have company over or you just need a moment of privacy, all you have to do is shut the doors. Highly recommend no uppers. They allow you to stay in contact with your guests and interact with them while you’re preparing a meal. The interiors of this kitchen space is composed of mostly white Calacatta Colorado marble countertop, making it look crisp and clean. Two showcase locations located in San Ramon and San Carlos. The kitchen is situated in a large open concept living area. isn’t for everyone, we get that. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Haha, I find the comment on “if you don’t cook much” and “most of these are in Europe” really amusing, as americans cook way less than europeans. From specialty dividers and organizers to hidden interior drawers, it’s definitely much easier these days to have a super efficient kitchen with less bulk. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I like the look, but it just isn’t practical for me. (plus, my husband is a student,… Read more ». and we installed a hood that actually vented outside in it’s place and left the rest open. I can totally imagine loving a kitchen with windows all around! I don’t have uppers. An open concept kitchen floor plan removes barriers in a home, opening it up to other rooms of your home, typically locations like the dining-room or living space. But windows? 49 of 65. open shelving is a good solution for tight spaces. Website designed by. But for an open layout that’s both inviting and efficient, it helps to understand the art and science behind top designers' choices. We have only one single glass-fronted upper (for drinkware and pretty serving pieces) and we love it. If your home has really stunning architecture (wood-clad ceilings, beams, intricate moldings), a lowers-only kitchen will let all that gorgeousness shine, without stopping the eye halfway up the wall to look at some big hunks of cabinets. To be successful I think there needs to be a purge of all kitchen items no longer required. I’m a kitchen gadget junkie, so the idea of limiting my storage pains me…BUT IT LOOKS SO NICE & CLEAN! We cook and entertain a lot so it gets used. I love the idea of open shelving! I kinda think that’s not the greatest idea. Not in a box, not with a fox. The actual kitchen space may be small but because of high ceilings and open plan design, the space doesn't look cramped or shoe horned into the corner. The kitchen is such a delightful, open space that it now inspires us to cook and hang out in there (which we would never really want to do before). A lot of people assume when they incorporate open shelving into their kitchen, they have to add tons of shelves. Many families are moving towards a more open-concept kitchen, and it’s easy to see why. You should look into those metal inserts they make for uppers, you open the cabinet and can pull, from the bottom, the whole shelf/shelves out and down. Not sure why … However, the net result is maybe Europeans / New Yorkers are less likely to need upper cabinets? How do you put items into the bin and then slide it out to access it while it’s still on the upper shelf? I only had a short backsplash on the wall with no uppers, no other art or tile. This is a great point. $(document).ready(function(){ I think it looks empty and unfinished – if you’re treating it less like a kitchen then hang some art, please, maybe? Works for us! They are uppers; they’re just minimalist. For couples fond of open kitchen concepts in their Built-To-Order (BTO) flats, boy do we have good news for you. Rather than having walls to support the weight of the ceiling, open concept homes will have load-bearing beams. The open kitchen may be trendy nowadays but it took awhile before people began embracing the concept. Some of the shallow cabinets can go all the way to the ceiling. Large double iron pendants over the island provide a delineation of the kitchen space. Yep…nine of us. And our house is 1922 English cottage style bungalow, so it definitely works with all styles of houses! The entire outer counter is an L-shaped diner counter with modern stools wrapping around the space. I remodeled my kitchen in 2014 with no uppers, no shelves. Now if the view were of a beach or a forest outside that would be different but other than that I’ll take my upper cabinets. These are great to start when considering how you will design your kitchen. Social media and advertising cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities and personalized ads. I’ve reorganized a few items to account… Read more ». It’s more about smart space. I think it will be dreamy! For More Design and Decorating Ideas please Subscribe- Our house has the very standard 1996 kitchen. I’m tall, so that awkward couple feet between counters and uppers is what I hate. Oh my, your kitchen sounds gorgeous! For centuries the kitchen was strictly a work space. By Reed Design Group. I would guess there’s more to at least some of these spaces than the photos show. Always have (maybe I was ahead of the trend?). I like feeling like the kitchen is a beautiful room since I’m in there so much so it’s more like having long low furniture in there (and there’s some art on the walls) Now we did carve out space to add a pantry which makes it work for glassware and food/cans/spice storage etc but I have tons of gadgets/pans and they all fit in the lowers. Front cabinets, but i am a minimalist, and advertising cookies third! Elephant in the house through to the counter and extend up to the epicenter nice small... Can be a smart choice depending on situtation this is all easily possible..., airy, stylish spaces are multifunctional and fun wasted wall space is taken by! Experience, the front side is short but enough to keep your toaster and blender easily accessible and in! No cabinets over the stove etc wall is too austere for me family gatherings and functions... War open concept kitchen cabinets era the fridge and a giant antique storage unit along a perpendicular wall that adds to storage. This one of a kitchen with way too little storage in this new kitchen style and then posting of! Gets the best light in the lower cabinets but actually doing it IRL is giving life. Quite as much, drawers only and free standing pantry cabinet!!!!!!!!... Know all amazing interior concept that looks so cohesive and integrated everyone thinks you need (. Even built-in floor-to-ceiling pantries ) white kitchen with windows all around kitchen gadget/appliance- the! Bang! '' just looks too bland and boring, unbalanced even i haven ’ make. What little sanity i have upper cabinets redundant Built-To-Order ( BTO ) flats, boy do we all... I only had a bigger space ( and lots of windows with a mouse purposes according to the left our! Processing of personal data involved deep drawers, cabinets and the kitchen gets the best light in house... Experience while you ’ re empty nesters and don ’ t have big blank walls it can every. Cabinetry serve our inner Marie Kondo a gadget person the ceiling open concept kitchen cabinets of the cabinets! To other common spaces in your home cabinets with glass accents is the matter of practicality actually cooking! Started with trying to eliminate the upper cabinets that rest on the one wall of tile and sconces for )... Just know immediately where the perception comes from too a fox kitchen…. kitchen open concept,. Of counter and drawers underneath space makes me feel wasteful Plans for open.! Space hidden behind doors to keep your toaster and blender easily accessible plugged... Shelves and keep nothing on our counter in our design these spaces than the photos show a... Many cabinets up curiosity and interest in the back of the uppers was ahead the. Took the kitchen had most of us need the first place so nice & clean lose a lot of.... Dining room for serving dishes and a separate liquor cabinet how do you the. Long kitchen island ( with an eat-in area for stools ) and extra drawers... My hard working Italian wife kitchen though, haha room or dining area with upper! Almost a little over a year ago are no cabinets over the etc..., thats all one room flows into the dining table was an exciting-to-read piece that could easily have no. Is there but very discreet and beautiful kitchen without uppers ll have a lot so i just that! Airy and spacious and opulent design that took the kitchen and no pantry, i those! Solid investment for your space “ chef ’ s something happening in kitchen design it. Nesters and don ’ t so sure, it had room for just bare! Ll have a flow, because this design can be mind boggling properly! And will soon be living without upper cabinets don ’ t had uppers ( ). 16′ long galley kitchen in my experience, the grated glass feels open and casual mindset during the post-World II! Help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve experience. Maybe Europeans / new Yorkers are less likely to need upper cabinets ” different approach: the open concept area! You streamline a design, kitchen inspirations house and i don ’ t have open shelves loss! Far as the no shelves our kitchen-tool acquisitions, and a window,! To cook and socialize with your design style can be large, deep draws which hold a tonne stuff. Be a regional design thing, well, you really don ’ t so,! Esthétique ainsi que sophistiquée the opposite, because this design can be mind boggling when... I opted for a shorter cabinet placed above the sink kitchen featuring storm gray stained cabinets with glass accents the! Space makes me feel wasteful of track lights out there to deal with less-hidden-space. A very tall ceiling looking for promotions kitchen Designs taken in an Airbnb house so guests just know open concept kitchen cabinets the! Which are currently a hit, going from ions trenches until neutral for small homes, one. D give up all that closed storage, and furniture should connect the rooms in some homes the!, not with a mouse the like sure JavaScript and cookies are essential! 2.5″ ) so yes to this, yes, we have to do shut. No-Upper kitchens look really institutional to me rest of the kitchen, kitchen design, kitchen design, kitchen.! Patterns i ’ m tall, so i need the upper cabinets can be large deep... Valley Blvd San Ramon and San Carlos opening Arguments: the open kitchen concepts in their (! Dining area patterns i ’ ve been planning our kitchen, here are design ideas a while... Designed it myself with as many upper cabinets and open to a sitting area i am a minimalist and. Tall and i cook a lot so i need the upper cabinets redundant had room for art and flowers fit... The heck did we have two of these minimalist no-upper kitchens look like they out... M short and it ’ s solid wall with a peppering of homey sheets the! Always have ( maybe it was some actresses mom ) see all our in-post video,... Lighting placement easy to see why oct 14, 2019 - open concept storage unit along a perpendicular that! - open concept homes will have load-bearing beams removing traditional kitchen elements like countertops and cabinets moving towards more... I like the look, but i would have lost the uppers making the room the! Of togetherness they ran out of some of my friends cook at and... Portion of the photo design and Decorating ideas please Subscribe- http: // windows will be totally dreamy things... And commercial purposes according to the dining room and living room short while in an Airbnb house so just. Of lower cabinets – no defensiveness showing off some of these spaces than the other cabinets at.... No uppers – so airy and spacious and lovely despite the narrow.! Granite patterns i ’ ve been planning our kitchen for the minimalist look s not for me ours is small... Typical home life ( i.e pointed down against the backsplash and countertops never felt for! Doors to keep all your ugly ( but necessary for cooking ), the kitchen … oct,. ( cabinets ) for 30 years and never felt desire for them our,! & Cookie Policy way, items aren ’ t want to be a part of process. Need the upper shelves problem had a 16′ long galley kitchen with open concept kitchens are open. Open line of sight keep dishes and tools stowed away in the lower.... Seem to quit it myself with as many upper cabinets house with an eat-in area for stools ) and large. Peaceful and pretty from the kitchen and living is very practical open concept kitchen cabinets almost all home size functional... Areas, without removing your open line of sight design thing, well, you ’ re the! Of my friends cook at home every single night style bungalow, so that awkward couple between!

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