nietzsche education quotes

(P50), The dying Socrates. Learning to think: in our schools one no longer has any idea of this. (S45), And to say it one more. This mocking and enamored monster and pied piper of Athens, who made the most arrogant youths tremble and sob, was not only the wisest talker whoever lived: he was just as great in his silence (P 10), What inadequate people are employed and approved of under the name of private tutor, even by our most cultured and educated people. From the realm of the famous "inner facts", of which not a single one has so far proved to be factual. En effet, ses maîtres ont succombé à la recherche de disciples et donc de « zéros » à ajouter à l’unité qu’ils pouvaient représenter par eux-mêmes, en … . If all alms were given only from pity, all beggars would have starved long ago. Your educators can be nothing more than your liberators. . By means of the concept of duty. “Thus Spake Zarathustra, a Book for All and None”, There is a mistake in the text of this quote. Friedrich Nietzsche “Delphi Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche (Illustrated): Friedrich Nietzsche”, Delphi Classics 2 Copy quote Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. (P51 1). When marrying, one should ask oneself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this woman into your old age? To make a man into a machine. The entire system of higher education in Germany has lost what matters most: the end as well as the means to the end. (S8-9), ... Where among our contemporaries are the ethical models and distinguished people who might serve for us all, learned and unlearned, aristocratic and plebian alike, as the epitome of creative morality in our time? ... (P568), (S) Schopenhauer as Educator, by Friedrich Nietzsche, (1874) Translated by J. W. Hillesheim and M. R. Simpson, Gateway Editions, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago (1965), (P) The Portable NIETZSCHE, by Walter Kaufmann, (1954) The Viking Press, New York. India Today Web Desk New Delhi October 14, 2017 UPDATED: September 21, 2018 20:09 IST. People have believed at all times that they knew what a cause is; but whence did we take our knowledge-or more precisely, our faith that we had such knowledge? Our overcrowded secondary schools, our overworked, stupified second ary- school teachers, are a scandal: for one to defend such conditions, as the professors at Heidelberg did recently, there may be perhaps causesreasons there are none. "How is that accomplished?" (P441), What? And that is the secret of all education: it does not provide artificial limbs, false noses or eye-glasses - on the contrary what could provide these is merely pseudo-education. Even in the universities, even among the real scholars of philosophy, logic as a theory, as a practice, as a craft, is beginning to die out. If one wants an end, one must also want the means: if one wants slaves, then one is a fool if one educates them to be masters. (P470). Whoever thinks much is not suitable as a party member: he soon thinks himself right through the party. How many Gymnasiums there are which are a hodgepodge of warped people and antiquated institutions and are nonetheless thought to be quite adequate! (P71), Here we experience the consequence of a doctrine which has been preached from all of the housetops: that the State is the highest goal of humanity and that there are no higher duties for a man than to serve the State. Friedrich Nietzsche Education Quotes and its their meanings. All higher education belongs only to the exception: one must be privileged to have a right to so high a privilege. (P507). The civil servant. What the "higher schools" in Germany really achieve is a brutal training, designed to prepare huge numbers of young men, with as little loss of time as possible, to become usable, abusable, in government service. (P467), Enemies of truth. It may be that a man who sees his highest duty in the service of the State actually knows no higher duties; but there are beyond this, other men and other duties - and one of these duties, which for me, at any rate, is more important than service to the State, calls on one to destroy stupidity in every form, including this particular stupidity.

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