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Your email address will not be published. Once the kernels begin popping, crank the handle continuously, until all the kernels have finished popping, about 6 to 7 minutes. This recipe was amazing!! #zrdn-recipe-container ul.bullets li:before, Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! Am having it now, right now…..Love it. OMG this is amazing, I will save soooo much money on movie popcorn because this is a thousand times better!!!! Great Information! Melt Extra Popcorn Butter in microwave. Add coconut oil and popcorn kernels to a cold Whirley Pop popcorn popper. Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork), 30 seconds after popcorn starts popping, shake pot once, When popping stops, remove from pot and immediately transfer popcorn into large bowl. In particular, for all fellow Aussies who remember enjoying cheap movie tickets on Tight-Arse-Tuesdays*, only to spend twice as much on popcorn and M&M’s. (I use the same technique in my Lightly Sweet ‘n Salty Popcorn, which adds a slightly sweet touch compared to this Butter Popcorn.). Mad, mad about popcorn. Season it with a little extra drizzle of butter or with whatever seasonings you fancy. I LOVE popcorn, especially from a movie theater, but my pocketbook and waist don’t like it so much. The kernels will start popping after a minute or so. Place the Whirley Pop on your stovetop over medium heat. Soooo Good!!! Will Try out for next date night!. This was also the problem with normal yellow food colouring – it doesn’t dissolve in fat. Who knew I could write so much about popcorn??!! The kettle may look like it can take more, but there needs to be plenty of room for stirrer to work and the popcorn to pop and then release. This has two benefits for butter popcorn: Alternative to making clarified butter: Use store bought ghee. Turn a stove top burner onto medium heat. I hope you enjoyed this old-fashioned movie theater Whirley Pop Popcorn recipe! Ooooh…. This butter popcorn is intensely buttery – and it stays crisp for days! When the butter is almost melted, pour in Yellow Colouring, if using. I know the feeling all too well Rikkisha . At first, I thought the bag of popcorn I bought was stale, but when I bought a new bag and it did the same thing, I figured it must be from the inconsistent temperature of the burner from lifting and shaking the pot. Leave to melt, it will start to sputter and spit, then foam. } Keeps in the pantry for months (it is now ghee / clarified butter). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I used the popcorn butter to cook the popcorn but didn’t add extra butter at the end, just salt. This is just melted butter that’s simmered until the water in the butter evaporates – because butter is made up of fat, milk solids and water. If you have a kettle machine, let it heat up for about five minutes, then turn it off while you add the oil first, then the kernels and seasoning. Learn how to make movie theater popcorn on your stovetop using a Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper for just a fraction of the cost, calories and fat. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Line a strainer with 2 paper towels, then strain butter through - discard brown bits. Save a fortune at the movie theatre candy bar – just remember to take a giant bag so you can smuggle in loads of your own homemade butter popcorn…. } It does not contain much butter flavor, however. Made this several times over the weekend. For a truly authentic Movie Popcorn experience, this recipe includes an option to make your popcorn yellow! It’s available on Amazon and other on-line sources. I could be talking about any day….. Yummo…….. Movie popcorn cups covid snacks for my daughters 30th. We affectionally referred to it as Tight-Arse-Tuesdays. I actually store the kernels with the Flavacol in individual containers so all I need to do is pop off the lid and dump it in. I didn’t use the “coloring” but WOW! One of my favorite snacks to nosh on while watching movies is spicy Jalapeno Parmesan Garlic Popcorn. This popcorn is awesome! Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. According to Extra Crispy’s Stacey Ballis, who has manned a movie theater concession stand and knows exactly how movie theater popcorn is made, movie popcorn is actually made with Flavacol and “Butter Flavored Topping.”Flavacol is the yellow powder that’s tossed over the popcorn while it pops, to make it salty and yellow. I use a damp sponge and a dry cloth. In fact, it’s cheaper than brand name microwave popcorn (which, by the way, you can actually make yourself using a paper bag!). Pretty cool! Coconut oil has a low melting point—about 76 degrees. Takes about 10 minutes. My dad found a Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper, never used before, at a yard sale for $2.00 and bought it for me. Tag me on Instagram at. You don’t want to “cook” the popcorn. One of the problems I began noticing since I got my new glass top oven was that I began burning the popcorn and the bottom of my stainless steel pots. Phew! Today’s butter popcorn recipe is for everyone who’s blown a fortune at movie theatre candy bars. I really appreciate it. A Sprinkle Of Glitter And A Dash Of Spice. Well worth the money and it’s a gift that will just keep on popping! Love popcorn so much and I love this popcorn recipe the most! on How To Make Movie Theater Popcorn On Your Stovetop With A Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper, How To Make Movie Theater Popcorn On Your Stovetop With A Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper, Another little drawing I did in #Procreate. The secret to stay-crispy popcorn that’s really butter is clarified butter, also known as ghee.

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