most broken commanders

Yeva, Nature's Herald takes broken to a whole new level. 5. #5 Seedborn Muse provides you so many options. This card is the best with G/U/?. Case in point: the next deck I’m working on revolves around Ramses Overdark. #2. Also, Anus Mittens is a good name for a cat. (0 members and 1 guests), "We are goblinkind, heirs to the mountain empires of chieftains past. Most Hated Commanders. Let me give you an example: You cast Solemn Simulacrum and you sacrifice him with a number of sacrifice effects and then bring him back with the whip. ( Log Out /  #3. Just because you can put in the most broken, overpowered Commanders and the card that sets them into some sort of infinite whatever, it doesn’t mean you have to. ( Log Out /  P_R went over the line. With our little planeswalker you have the power to exile both from the hand or play. Play Fast, Be Polite, Have Fun.". Midrange, decent amount of answers, lots of pain, it's wonderful. Commander (EDH) forum Posted on Nov. 11, 2016, 11:10 a.m. by Cmasa435. What Commander do you find to be the most broken? Even more so with the gods now or any other indestructible cards(which is popping up more and more). Artifacts have millions of combos. Rest is death to us, and arson is our call to war. With all the high cost spells in Commander you are able to counter the best spell that your opponent casts and then next turn use that mana to bring out something BIG. This cards gets even more powerful with cards that double your mana. 4. The most versatile commander on this list, Kenrith, the Returned King can do everything. I would like you to try this card in your deck and see what it will do with some of your spells. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Yawgmoth’s Will gives you round two with that spell. #1. Korlash, Heir to Blackblade: My most recent project, I love what I'm seeing so far. At a huge cost of most of your resources and a limit of 1,of course. So this article showcases 50 different Commanders, and 50 different two-card combos which are awesome, and directly involve said commander. They all sort of balance each other out. Is that bribery gone? Legacy Tournament Announcements and Results, If this is your first visit, be sure to With nearly half the people in this thread trying to be funny rather than posting actual legitimate content, it's getting awful close to just getting closed. With most of the cards that you have access to, Tooth and Nail is always the most game changing cards in the format. I have been trying to find a new Commander deck to play and I have decided to become "that guy". Whenever you draw this card it causes so many issues for your opponents (or saves your life). The problem with an analysis like this is that in edh theres much more variance in deck construction than in other formats (especially because many top decks are so tutor based), so while you can say 'arcum deck' or 'zur deck' everyone here probably has a different idea of what that entails. Ok, you can’t ban anything in Vintage but it is restricted. Whats The Most Broken Combos Youve Ever Seen Real combos, please. I know what most of you will say “7 mana is a lot and the price isn’t good on the wallet as well” however Karn Liberated can be played in any deck. The power of exile is amazing. You can be at 1 life and over whelmed by an army of token (or creatures in general) and this card will change your fortune. ... All of these commanders require being built around (most noticeably edric) but the reason to cast your commander should be to add a very large amount of advantage over your opponent. Most annoying in multiplayer. Which is a power that you can not ignore. EDH (not the commander dual list) if it can do both more props though. I know what most of you will say “7 mana is a lot and the price isn’t good on the wallet as well” however Karn Liberated can be played in … That way you will always have draw power. Looking for most broken unfair fastest EDH deck Not dual, but most broken list that is designed mostly for one opponent, BUT has the legality of regular. ( Log Out /  I want people to hate me, so I turn to you lovely people, what is your most hated Commander … For my vote/play group's vote I think will go to Narset or Riku but, for different reasons. It’s also pretty much banned everywhere you can think of. I admit it. Even in a deck that has only a hand full of creatures this enchantment provides you so many options that have to be dealt with right away. Cast everything you want on your turn then untap and then cast whatever you want when your opponents turn ends. Re: [Discussion] Most broken Commander? #3. For my vote/play group's vote I think will go to Narset or Riku but, for different reasons.

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