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Once you get comfortable, you can add all kinds of extras in your second fermentation (more on that later), but as a starter, you really only need the following for basic kombucha: Most of those ingredients are easy to come by and they’re not complicated. The pH for the start of the brewing cycle needs to be below 4.5 pH. With either, be careful that you don't disturb the young scoby too much. Your email address will not be published. Does it taste different than normal iced tea? Note: While there are multiple steps to this recipe, it is broken down into workable categories to help you better plan for preparation and assembly. This step is not entirely necessary as some people don't mind kombucha's floaty bits. As a beginner, I suggest that you start with a juice like grape or a combination of berry juices or mango pineapple. Kombucha Tea is a culture of bacteria and yeast, made with tea and sugar. Be sure to take a sanitized jar if you're going to pick up a scoby locally. Can Monkfruit be used in place of cane sugar? Steps for Brewing Kombucha Prepare 1 quart of hot tea using either 1-2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea or 3-5 tea bags. Please refer to our Bottling and Flavoring Recipes. Tie a string on the bag or bundle to make removal easy. Lemon and other fruit juices can be added (1 to 2 ounces per pint of kombucha, or to taste). Even in small towns, kombucha is no longer just an exotic sounding beverage. Some prefer their Kombucha sweeter with a 6-8 day ferment. A single SCOBY can produce an infinite number of first fermentations. Then let the tea cool completely. Add the full contents we sent to you into the jar. Question A good ratio in the bottle is 80% kombucha, 20% juice. web site I just visited to learn about making my own Kombucha Beverages. As we said above, it is very important to not touch the kombucha while it is brewing. You can use a tea ball as well. Taste after 7 days and ferment to your liking (The longer, the more probiotics. Enjoy anytime. You start the brewing process by bringing to boil 1 gal of filtered or distilled water. Never use city water as it contains chlorine and other additives from the treatment plant which could kill some of the cultures in … } Brewing the kombucha tea is a simple process of boiling water and sugar solution, adding and steeping the green or black tea. Add Tea. We suggest using a back up/extra mushroom culture if experimenting with other sugars or sweeteners. Revelation Health It's a light brown, opaque, disk-like organism that is thick and rubbery. It has been taken for thousands of years to to treat anything from heartburn to cancer, but we can’t say kombucha cures anything. It is helpful to take notes as you brew kombucha, so keep a notebook in your kombucha brewing area. And read about what to do next in our articles:  Scoby Hotel, Recipes, and Carbonation, © 2020 Royal Kombucha. To start a new batch, just follow the above instructions remembering to save some starter tea for the next batch. & This page is like a crash course in all things kombucha, so you can start growing and drinking your own. Place the fermenting kombucha in a warm place out of direct sunlight (preferably dark) for 7 to 14 days, or up to 1 month. Getting a book on how to brew kombucha and familiarizing yourself with the steps in more detail before making your first batch can help ensure your first batch is a success. Or you can store the kombucha on the counter in bottles for a few days to allow it to continue to ferment and to develop the flavors of the added flavoring ingredients. It’s not slimy, and is surprisingly firm. We provide high quality essentials needed for brewing kombucha tea. Note: After brewing & fermenting , refrigeration will slow the fermentation process by 90%, so when its to your liking, put it in the fridge. and the shorter you brew the sweeter it is. Just put the scoby and starter in another container. Dissolve 1 cup of plain white sugar into the hot tea. It’s become quite popular with everyday people. 3. Reserve about 2 cups of kombucha, placing it and the scoby back into the large brewing jar. When a boil is reached, turn off the burner. You will need to maintain or trim your SCOBY occasionally. It is my understanding that as long as there is sucrose available it will feed the culture. When you're done with your first brew, the 16-page Post-Brewing Guide will show you how to bottle your brew, experiment with different flavors and care for your kombucha culture. Do NOT use tap or spring water under any circumstances. I learned this from the prev. This may seem like a long time to steep the tea but you'll want to pull out all the constitutes from the tea. You can easily brew your own kombucha tea at home. When storing kombucha for more than one month, "burp" it every few weeks to prevent an explosion. I know a lot of people who have used both hydrated and non-hydrated to get started and no-one has ever had mold. There are tons of wild yeasts and bacteria, and the right nutrient combined with a little luck can indeed net you an accidental SCOBY. It’s extremely easy to start brewing your own healthy Kombucha tea at home. Some say you can refrigerate a SCOBY for it to keep longer, but others disagree.

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