is hunter college high school a good school

they also are larger. However, I found that offices deal with issues most poorly by mail. As maianess said, there's no downside to attending 7th and 8th grades at Hunter. I think many Hunter graduates feel it was a much more incredible, stimulating and inspiring experience than I found it to be. > If graduating class has 500 kids Harvard will still take 2-3. Hunter is a very diverse school. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. i'll put my kid and her education up against just about anything. I can't imagine your question, "is it worth it?" It's also very old and warn-down/dirty. Alanhart, I didn't attend school in NYC but rather attended terrific public schools outside the city. Everyone is smart and a good percentage are very focused. One of the chief organizers, Liz Abzug, could have easily chosen Columbia, where she teachers, but chose Hunter for various reasons, including the fact that her mother, the late Congresswoman Bella Abzug is a Hunter alumna. We learned how to manage competition and face our own limitations and failures. 8th and 9th graders taking the exam for Stuy and Bronx know what they are getting into. "Rare is the kid who makes it to an HYP school without family support.". Since then, I had trouble – albeit minor-- with other offices and documentation. Another quiet place is the upper floor of the library. People react very favorably when I tell them I go to Hunter, almost all saying how far Hunter has come recently. > I don't understand your putting down of a very fine school. I don't think my original post was insulting in any way, but your response reads as insulting and distracts by supposedly responding to issues no one has raised or even suggested. almost no HCHS students leave HCHS to attend specialized HS's after 8th grade. The Hunter community is very supportive!) But really, that shouldn't be the important part. Tell WSJ they're bizarre. You can keep repeating yourself, but, wrong again! Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. I spend most of my time in the library on the campus or in the language lab. But they also have a fantastic english scene as well. Certainly in my day it was absolutely not true that being at Hunter denied you any normal high school interaction. overall it was a great experience for me and my sister. For proof, here’s an apples-to-apples comparison: Hunter College runs two high schools. When I tell people I attend Hunter, they usually tell me that they heard great things about the school and congratulate me on choosing the college. The focus on measured achievement for bragging rights is what puts me off anyone ever going to Stuyvesant, because it is surrounded by so much of that and filled with kids who buy into it.". Physically refused to leave my middle school. "and no personal attack, just a safe bet that you either were not qualified to apply to HCHS based on your 6th grade standardized test results, or that you applied and were not accepted". there are no longer a mere handful of OK public elementary schools, there are a number of very good ones, and those kids need places to go to school. Only because you can't start kids at Stuy in kindergarten (and the other schools are so bad). Sorry to burst your bubble. i attened hunter high school 7th - 12th grade as did one of my sisters. You say you hope your relative goes to a school which fosters "humility, restraint, thoughtfulness and kindness." Oh--and Katie, dear, one more thing: you think it is okay to use stereotypes so long as in your opinion they are positive stereotypes? FWIW, I offer what one wrote to me a few moments ago: "[After reading the Streeteasy thread,] I was tempted to keep [my child] at MS XX in [our neighborhood]. Since the kids at these schools may be among the future leaders, the importance of exposure to different types of people is really critical. but you definitely have more info on the ukranian dance hall and loft parties. The escalators are becoming dangerous. Me thinks bx sc and Stuyvesant r much better and more well rounded in terms of social aspects of hs. Ours is on E. 94th St. ; ). I rarely met or saw Hunter kids at keg parties in ukranian dance hall or loft parties. The biggest recent controversy is the nursing program control by the Brookdale Campus Vs the uptown E 68 st. campus. Simply put, HCHS gets first dibs on the city brain trust--sorry somewhere, you seem to have an investment youre trying to spin", This is nonsensical. Hunter and Stuy kids get into absolutely fantastic colleges, it's just that not all of them are Ivies, and so not counted into the statistics. But if your goal is to get to the top as easy as possible (of course its not really the top then) then maybe Nebraska/Hunter are for you. If you're on a diet, you'll have to lug your own food over with you. They win tons of awards and such there, too. I can only imagine the numbers are even greater at hunter. Look all schools have a normal curve, the top 20% of stuyvesant/science can go toe to toe with hunter's student body. i believe it falls under a "lab" program designation, which allows the teachers to do whatever they want. They have renovated it, and now it's the most comfortable and relaxing place in the college. So not really "filled with kids who buy into it.". I even met my girlfriend, who is from Austria, here. Hunter is divided into three buildings: North and East and West, which are connected to one another by walkways lined with windows exhibiting the Manhattan skyline, and intersect with the main West building . bela, wow, you really know nothing. There appear to be many options. i don't know what w67th was taking tonight. sometimes hunter doesnt show up on the 'lists' due to its independendence/non board of ed status - or its smaller size per class - but in terms of percentages, rest assured that it generally outperforms every school in the city with an occasional drop to second or third place. Nope, this is a mistake. The cafeteria food is over-priced and generally heavy in fats and carbs. But back to movies/tv... Ben Gazzara, Ron Silver, Martin Brest, Robert Alda, Thomas Calabro (the dude from Melrose Place!) Hmm, okay... Well, there's absolutely nothing to lose by going to Hunter for 7th and 8th grade--if it's not the right place for your relative, then the specialized HS test is easy enough to take at the end of 8th grade. The parents now say they are tempted to make a decision based on the tone of a SE discussion board. In total, Hunter only got 24 kids in, which isn't particularly good given we're talking about 8 top schools. One such issue concerned their inability to ascertain my citizenship, when I am a native of America! It was a fun class. Hunter is a cool stepping stone into one of the science school. and incidently, the not so math science oriented hunter has produced westinghouse winners and several members of the us math team (starts withe the AHSME) over the years... The parents will have the greatest impact on whether the kid grow up to be a balanced individual. ),,,, Interesting example of the current market. I was told that the old language lab was extremely disorganized and difficult to get into: there were long lines and not enough service. rephrase (unnecessary for those who understand the process): 90% of specialized applicants were either declined by HCHS or didnt qualify to take the HCHS test (based on cutoff for 6th Grade Standardized Tests--the didnt qualify part probably explains why NOBODY at your school applied to HCHS--a point reinforced by tha fact the only 2 got into STUY--what school was that from whence you launched into your beloved STUY?

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