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Subject Area and Category: Business, Management and Accounting Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management: Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell: Publication type: Journals: ISSN: 09545395: Coverage: 1990-2020: Scope: From 2006, HRMJ has also broadened its editorial scope to … Provocation papers will normally be, Details of previously published Review and Provocation papers can be found, All manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics): Top Accessed Articles of the 2016 Volume Year, Virtual Issue - Inclusion, Diversity and Discrimination. Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content; and. for all aspects of manuscript preparation. Mathematical notations should be provided in both symbols and words. (See Section 4), Guidance on what constitutes ‘prior publication’ is available here. Submitting authors should ensure they liaise with all co-authors to confirm agreement with the final statement. About this journal. A sample of the most common entries in reference lists appears below. Authors will be asked to provide a conflict of interest statement during the submission process. Although authors are encouraged to send the highest-quality figures possible, for peer-review purposes, a wide variety of formats, sizes, and resolutions are accepted. In addition, in order to protect anonymity while providing the editorial team with full information, details of other work using the same data, including variables used and clarification of the submission’s unique contribution, should be included in a cover letter or as an additional file during the submission process. The journal requires that all authors disclose any potential sources of conflict of interest. eLocators are unique identifies for an article that service the same function page numbers have traditionally served in the print world. Psychoeducational assessment of students who are visually impaired or blind: Infancy through high school (2nd ed.). In some instances, an author may feel that the decision was based on an unfair assessment of their paper, or that there were major errors in the review process. Editors. Aktuelle Fragestellungen des Personalwesens werden dabei zielgerichtet analysiert und beantwortet. If the author supplies colour figures, they will be sent a Colour Work Agreement once the accepted paper moves to the production process. Bridging research and practice, this is the premier journal for HR leaders. When citing this article, please insert the eLocator in place of the page number. Appendices will be published after the references. Initially, use the word in full, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Note: if data, scripts, or other artefacts used to generate the analyses presented in the paper are available via a publicly available data repository, authors should include a reference to the location of the material within their manuscript. Given final approval of the version to be published. Click here for Wiley’s FAQs on supporting information. The Journal of Human Resources Management Research (JHRMR) is an open access Journal. numbers under 10 are spelt out, except for: measurements with a unit (8mmol/l); age (6 weeks old), or lists with other numbers (11 dogs, 9 cats, 4 gerbils). Tables should be self-contained and complement, not duplicate, information contained in the text. H Index. Measuring the Impact of an ArticleWiley also helps authors measure the impact of their research through specialist partnerships with Kudos and Altmetric.

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