how to use zoom h2n as usb mic

The driver software may not have been installed correctly. It's very well built, and the multiple patterns are a nice feature. I use mine in audio interface mode for Discord all the time, and it works without a hitch when I'm in the middle of a game of CS:GO. Perform the following steps to delete the driver software and then reinstall it. Other notable features include an external line/mic input supplying 'plug-in power', a miniature speaker for playback monitoring and a large, bright LCD screen. It does :) glad to see it works for someone else. After this it will be accessible through “My PC” just like any other storage unit. Toggle the correct mic input on the recorder to select using the onboard mics (MIC) or external mic/instrument inputs (1, 2). 2. I've only done this once though, should probably compare on some other PCs, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the audioengineering community. I bought a Zoom H2N for music recording and as a USB chat mic for gaming since it works plug-and-play with my windows pc, macbook, and even playstation 4. the price was great and the overall sound quality is great. Zoom H2N Handy Recorder . The H2n's USB port allows it to send and receive digital data and to act as a 4-input / 2-output audio interface (enabling you to use it as a USB microphone). Thanks! If it helps, currently, I'm using it as a microphone on my laptop, connected via USB. If you can set it up for Discord using it's audio interface mode with a USB, I'm sure it'll work with Skype without a … Awesome! I use mine in audio interface mode for Discord all the time, and it works without a hitch when I'm in the middle of a game of CS:GO. For this purpose, though, I'd give the Yeti the edge. It will ask you how you want to use it. For Videos I set the Zoom H2N to 48 … That’s it. But before I get started, I've got a little bit of cold feet, and wanted to know if my MP3/WAV recorder, a Zoom H2n, would play nice with UTAU recording. Indeed, the H2n will serve you very well as a Mic for Discord. I am amazed by the sound quality! Click the [Start] button, right-click on the [My Computer] icon and click [Properties]. A second USB mode turns the recorder into an audio interface, allowing audio data to be sent directly to a DAW and making use of the H2n's headphone output for monitoring. I want to use the H2n as an audio interface, but the Windows computer does not recognize the unit. Using the scroll wheel, select AUDIO I/F (selecting the other puts it into USB storage mode, which allows you to access the SD card and copy sound files from it). Want to use it to record my guitar but also as my main microphone for Skype and Discord calls on my PC. Anyone else? That's the same uses I'll give to it :) happy to know it can be done. This means that you can connect it to your PC and record directly to your favorite DAW, without having to use the recorder’s internal storage. I've used a Zoom H2 (predecessor to the H2n) as a mic, as well as a Blue Yeti. The Zoom H2n can be used as an Audio Interface as well, which is one of the reasons why I bought it, since some of the other similar-priced recorders don’t have this option. Both work well, and the H2(n), of course, is also a good independent field recorder. Switch off the Zoom. I use mine in audio interface mode for Discord all the time, and it works without a hitch when I'm in the middle of a game of CS:GO. Select: Menu -> USB -> AUDIO I/F -> (for Mac) select 48kHz (instead of 44.1kHz) -> CONNECT. I haven't used the H2 but I tried hooking up the H1 as a sound card and what I found , IIRC was that the levels on the line in were extremely hot. Planning on getting this microphone from a friend at a good price. This may solve the problem. Is this possible? Thanks! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Using the recorder as an external microphone on the DSLR. I've used my H2n to record my classical guitar on a few occasions as well, and I'd say it's a big step up from the microphone on my camera, and this cheap USB Logitech microphone that I used to use.

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