how to become an ikea furniture assembler

That means constantly striving to optimise all aspects of the business, from supply set up to customer fulfilment, so that we can generate savings that translate into better prices for the customers… and better business for us.”, “I have often been pleasantly surprised by how much people love IKEA! We ended up building room sets with walls of muticoloured mosaic tiles and joining the sofas together in the style of a Moroccan salon. They were struck by its freshness and simplicity. We have to work together to put the products within reach of even more people in the future. "Mr. Yousef Al-Homaizi had been running a successful home furnishing showroom in Kuwait for almost 25 years when his sons Yacoub and Jassim Youssef first came into contact with the IKEA brand. We represent a well-known brand that is very dear to many people around the world; one that lives by a great set of values and conducts its business in an ethical way. Overwhelmed by the thought of assembling that IKEA furniture? Moral of the story is if you’re buying a lot of IKEA furniture, look into hiring a pro to assemble it. For example, we stock more of the darker wooden furniture our customers prefer. We can put together your desk, bed, cabinet, or bookcase. Hire a Tasker today to help you with your furniture assembly needs. We hired assemblers through our local IKEA stores and they did a fabulous job. Your Tasker arrives and gets the job done. IKEA Al-Homaizi Ltd operates three IKEA stores – in Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco. IKEA is well-known for starting the IKEA flat pack assembly trend, offering affordable, stylish furniture that you have to assemble yourself. "Mr. Yousef Al-Homaizi had been running a successful home furnishing showroom in Kuwait for almost 25 years when his sons Yacoub and Jassim Youssef first came into contact with the IKEA brand. FAQS | Terms & conditions | Returns policy, 30% off HEMNES black-brown bathroom furniture. Even if your furniture is already assembled, though, you can follow these steps to make it stronger. Overwhelmed by the thought of assembling that IKEA furniture? People here are not so keen on DIY, so about 80% of our sales include home delivery and assembly. They will be required to practise good hygiene, including sanitising the area and products after leaving the customers home. In order to grow successfully in climates and cultures which are so far from Sweden, a certain amount of adaptation is needed. For example, before opening the store in Morocco, we did over 100 home visits to help us understand how the IKEA range could be made relevant to local consumers. To help stop the spread of COVID-19 IKEA furniture Assemblers will be contactless and will be practising strict hygiene when working with customers. We have around 300 people dedicated to these tasks.”, "Inter IKEA Systems B.V. owns the IKEA Concept. We asked their CEO, Marino Maganto, to share his thoughts on the franchisee’s role. As a franchisee, we can sell the IKEA Product Range, use the IKEA trademarks and operate according to proven working methods, following the IKEA values. We can put together your desk, bed,... Find help now Tackle your to-do list wherever you are with our mobile app. ", "Being a franchisee is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. Our primary focus during this time is ensuring the health and safety of our co-workers, customers and service providers. 35 years later, their Kuwait store stretches across 21,500 m2 of the country’s largest mall and they are also operating stores in Jordan and Morocco. Within this framework, we have the freedom to make certain decisions about what to sell and when. You just went a bit wild on the IKEA website and know that in a few days, multiple boxes of heavy IKEA furniture and flat pack furniture will show up on your doorstep. It’s a breath of fresh air to introduce both the brand and the IKEA way of working to new markets; to guide people through the range and offer solutions which solve their day-to-day, home-related problems.”, “Together, we are exploring how best to expand the business – with a view to developing in new and growing in existing markets. Shortly afterwards, they set about acquiring one of the first IKEA franchises in the Gulf. We also adapt the timing of seasonal launches to match the local lifestyle and climate. Step 2: Ensure a large enough clear area where our technicians can perform the job. It looked great! “We implement the IKEA concept and develop the brand in the markets where we operate. Service Update – Contactless Assembly. That means we don’t put outdoor furniture on display until the winter months in Kuwait, when it’s cool enough to sit outside. That means, for example, continuously monitoring the online activities of organisations or individuals who want to use the IKEA trademark illegally. Our challenge is to protect the brand and develop the business in accordance with these values.

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