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let gads_event; That kind of transition is hard to pull off. (See link below.) Jeong-won is still trying to convince his mother to let him train as a priest in Italy, however, she is not ready to let her only son who hasn't become a priest to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother. and DramaWiki -- actually -- are my friends and constant reference sites, along with DB,, and Also very interested to see more of Seok-hyung's backstory because although we know he's an OB/GYN he seemed to be really reluctant to get close to that patient in the ambulance, and also seems semi-disinterested in doctoring yet he just returned from his fellowship? I think the aftereffects will hit me all at once at the end of season two.” He also thanked viewers for enduring his experiment of airing only one episode a week. @daydreamer11 ahhhh you could be right about that!! Whether you’re expecting another husband hunt or hospital politics, the show subverts expectations and delivers an entertaining watch with lovable—albeit odd—characters. Thank you for your recap of episode 1, @lovepark. He added that while some viewers found their relationship to be a surprise, all the necessary hints were there, such as the way Ik Joon has his hand on Song Hwa’s shoulder during their first meeting while she blushes. I know that I will love this drama but I always need time to familiarize myself with the characters from this PD. } Just be ready for a slightly confusing first episode. Song-hwa drinks a cup of eggs to lubricate her throat and takes the center microphone as the lead vocalist and bassist of their band. Plus a very nice cameo by surgeon Yang Se-jong. After a few years I started watching contemporary dramas. Achieve skin care and glass look tips with Kmall’s “K-beauty On” show! He really caught my eye as the mayor's tragically pathetic and ultra-loyal toady in LAWLESS LAWYER. His acting is not typical, and he is always adding in surprising nuances and tones. Though Jung-won tries his best, he knows his actions are futile. I use it to keep tabs on where I left off during marathon sessions and live-watches that stretch out for 2+ months. There were also just so many wonderful moments, like when the two men immediately went to cover Ik-joon's son with their suit jackets when Song-hwa left. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Ik Noon's entrance will continue to have me rolling on the floor, and in a way admire him for having done a liver transplant with the helmet on (it would never have been allowed, but the extenuating circumstances allowed him that liberty), and I love the fact that he's a dad. He asks the others if they have any dirt on her, and Ik-joon reprimands Jung-won for using underhanded means to achieve his goal. eventAction: 'view' That scene in the chicken resto was awww-inducing and hilarious! In the ambulance, Seok-hyung sits awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with everyone, when the patient grabs his hand to show his thanks. Thus, the first, fateful encounter between these five friends, and to commemorate their night, they took a group photo. He's portrayed as the strict but passionate senior doctor here - they even managed to work in calling the social services office which is definitely part of a doctors' job but not in the way that some dramas put it where the doctor actually runs around getting the funds. They aren't there to let the doctors showing off their ability or anything like that. The director asks if they know the late chairman’s youngest son, and Joon-wan claims to be his best friend. Rosa asks about the whereabouts of her youngest, Andrea, and he arrives just then. Hospital Playlist: Jeong-won and Gyeo-wool kiss. I also use it to record cast and crew information and shows in which I've seen actors appear in the past. Indeed some may be really compassionate and some may even go through different lengths to help. It probably also explains the different scrub colours they're all wearing because as far as I know scrub colours usually are the same within institutions (though I may be wrong). Almost too perfect. According to one of her patients, she is a reputable doctor among them. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Somehow, that comedic moment worked just fine with the tragic moment that occurred just minutes prior. On first guitar is Ik-joon, on second guitar is Joon-wan, on drums is Jung-won, and lastly, on keyboards is Seok-hyung. HAHAHA The first poster might have them clad in different coloured scrubs ie their previous hospitals in ep. Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-Do), a neurosurgeon at YLJE Medical Center, is the most sensible of the group. We enjoyed the first episode. I just want to add that I love that none of them are portrayed as unbelievable geeenius doctors. He offers to drive her car back to her apartment, but after she sobers up, he wants to end their relationship. I was thinking the same thing about the scene from ROCKY. Jung-won hangs his head and advises her to prepare herself for the worse, but the mother snaps back at him, refusing to part with her child. <3. Unlike Seok-hyung who’s been Jung-won’s friend since they were little, neither Song-hwa nor Joon-wan knew about his family background, so now they glare at their rich friend from afar. Why? If they knew about the love line, their emotions could have subtly shown. The Darth Vader helmet was fun- it would have been even better if the doctor had gone out to meet the mom with it. I've been a fan since seeing her in my second Kdrama, THE KING'S DAUGHTER, SOO BAEK HYANG. I just hope she isn't going to go into the hospital kitchen and tenderize a side of beef! Even though it may get boring, please be patient. I was going to complain that the doctors are too young lol I truly didn't recognize him. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Though all five friends are different, they somehow work together and create interesting group dynamics. Like the late chairman who donated most of his assets before passing, the people of Yulje Foundation really do seem like decent people. 'Dash & Lily' Soundtrack: Here's the Full List of Every Song, Best on Netflix: The Top 11 Romantic TV Dramas, 'Dash & Lily' Explodes The Myth of Love at First Sight, 'The Great British Baking Show' Finale is Shaping Up to be Peter vs. Dave, 'The Great British Baking Show's Semi-Finals Ended in Tragedy and Controversy. They bring out different sides of each other, and I’m already looking forward to their story, past and present (because clearly there’s something there). 855, This story has been shared 787 times. if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ Since he’s still in his Darth Vader helmet, he thought she should inform the parents, so Song-hwa quickly goes out to tell the daughter that the surgery went well. If Party A (i.e. Afterwards, Jung-won helps his mother pack up his father’s belongings and notices the hospital bill. When I belatedly heard [that they had recommended me], I got goosebumps. Like when Jun-wan's patient told him she can't get the surgery fee needed that quickly. On wrapping up season 1, Jeon Mi Do said, “We filmed at an actual hospital at times and on a set at others, and I’m glad we got through everything without any problems. Jeong-won and Jun-wan left Kang Woon Medical Centre to YULJE, and no one is forsaking their own specialty. Now, I wanna know more about Ik Joon's family (we didn't see the kid's mother) and Seok Hyung. Being a South Korean drama , which is mainly famous for romantic genre, here it primarily focused on the hospital … 995, This story has been shared 972 times. Hopefully, in subsequent episodes, the band interludes will be introduced a bit more organically, so that it doesn’t seem like the show is slamming on the brakes just to fit in a song. He always wanted to join the priesthood as well and declares his intentions to quit practicing medicine since he’s unqualified. It would have been hilarious, but I think Ik-joon was being considerate in that moment. With tears in her eyes, she apologizes for making her daughter experience so much pain and finally lets her go. Like Jung-won, she’s a compassionate doctor who goes out of her way to comfort a patient, but she’s also a nerd who wants to sing in a rock band despite her singing abilities (or lack thereof). }); Am here for him. I melt at that scene. Doctors do have to know who to call to get help from but other than that the rest is up to the medical social workers. The others immediately whip out their pens, ready to sign without reading further… all except for Seok-hyung. That sounds like one of the reader comments on The Korean's article.

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