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Others — including Wendy Brown, Nancy Fraser, Roger Griffin, Chantal Mouffe, Cas Mudde, Robert Paxton, David Renton, and Slavoj Žižek — argue that it is an exaggeration to characterize Trump and other contemporary demagogues as fascists. All social relations are dominated by the twin logic of combat and commercial transactions. Expelling Hope: The Assault on Youth and the Militarization of Schooling. Get reliable, independent news and commentary delivered to your inbox every day. Help us create the kind of literary community you’ve always dreamed of. The Abandoned Generation: Democracy Beyond the Culture of Fear. Thus, the billionaire capitalist Donald Trump can successfully pretend to be a working-class hero. Minneaplois: University of Minnesota Press. Save $20 when you subscribe for a whole year! For Giroux, Trump constitutes the rise of neoliberal fascism and the culmination of a long history of authoritarianism that includes historical moments such as the oppression of Native Americans, slavery, US imperialism, torture, and extrajudicial detention and imprisonment (Guantánamo). This classic work represents his best writing on critical pedagogy spanning the past 40 years. Missing from the commentaries by most of the mainstream media regarding the current rise of Trumpism is any historical context that would offer a critical account of the ideological and political disorder plaguing US society – personified by Trump’s popularity. Curriculum Discourse as Postmodernist Critical Practice. Nor can it be understood outside of the production of the atomized neoliberal subject who is taught to believe in a form of possessive individualism that disdains matters of compassion, solidarity and the type of sociality crucial to a democratic society. Above all they must terminate in theoretical knowledge. This is a pedagogy useful for creating armies of number crunchers and for downgrading teachers to supervising the administration of standardized tests, but not much more. xii Acknowledgments He has published in journals including Social Text, Third Text, Cultural Studies, Harvard Educational Review, Theory, Culture, & Society, and Monthly Review. The great writer James Baldwin once said we are living in dangerous times and that the society in which we are living is “menaced from within” and that young people had to “go for broke.” And while he acknowledged that “going for broke” would mean meeting the “most determined resistance,” he argued that it was necessary for young people to rise up and use their energy to reclaim their right to live with dignity, justice, equity and a sense of possibility. Commodified and privatized, public space is now regulated through exchange values rather than public values, just as communal values are replaced by atomizing and survival-of-the fittest market values. Giroux, Henry A. Can you further explain the meaning of “Teachers are deskilled”? Glenn Greenwald, No Place to Hide (New York: Metropolitan, 2014). Throughout his life, Henry Giroux has sought to develop a critical theory of education, emphasizing crucial intersections between the role of education in schools and universities with that of culture and public life. Augusto Pinochet’s neoliberal, military, fascist regime in Chile already showed in the 1970s how mistaken it was to assume that capitalism spontaneously brings about and provides the foundation for democracy. [Taking time means] questioning the meaning of consumption, production, and investment [so as to not] reproduce the preconditions of financial capitalism, the violence of its ups and downs, the philosophy according to which ‘time is everything, man is nothing.’ For man [sic] to be everything, we need to reclaim the time of his existence. Donate to support new essays, interviews, reviews, literary curation, our groundbreaking publishing workshop, free events series, newly anointed publishing wing, and the dedicated team that makes it possible. Teachers are deskilled, largely reduced to teaching for the test, business culture organizes the governance structures of schooling, knowledge is viewed as a commodity, and students are treated reductively as both consumers and workers. Our fundraiser is nearly over and we need your help! Theory and Resistance in Education: Towards a Pedagogy for the Opposition, Revised and Expanded Edition (ASOR Books). Giroux, Henry A. Giroux, Henry A. Trump’s often insulting, humiliating, misogynist and racist remarks signify more than the rantings of an antediluvian, privileged white man who is both savvy in the world of public relations and harbors a vastly distorted vision of what politics should be. Public space has been replaced by malls and a host of commercial institutions. Over time, an accumulation of such cruelties can reach a tipping point where the current system is devastated and democracy abolished. Giroux, Henry A. Fascism is not uniform, but dynamic and therefore takes on variegated forms in different historical and societal contexts.

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