gamecube hidden gems

This thread is archived. When it comes to unique premises, Cubivore is right up there with Odama. You can customize your robos look, its weapons, and its abilities. Do you still have your launch day Gamecube? This game is the hidden gem of GameCube hidden gems. As this happens, players are placed dead-center in the middle of this battle and are able to choose sides as they stack their decks to be as effective as possible. Whether it's Advance Wars on Nintendo's handheld family or Batallion Wars on their home consoles, there just doesn't appear to be enough love for this series. You play as an assortment of main characters, all from different time periods, all exploring or encountering one piece of the puzzle. Link Crazy Taxi is awesome. The shooting is shockingly deep and visceral, and the voice acting, design, and lighting effects are all top notch. Your goal is to smash his castles (literally), break down the gates with your huge pinball, and command your troops on the field. You win by obliterating their gates and marching a giant bell into their castle. Link I know everyone has a different definition of what a hidden gem actually is. All of the characters on the roster have two modes: a standard human mode and a beast mode. With that in mind, we don't think anyone expected a sequel that ditches the online side of things in favor of card-based combat. Soccer is an international sport adored by millions of people around the world. You play as Yamanouchi Kagetora, a general out to defeat the betrayer, Karasuma Genshin using his wits, his army, and an enormous cannonball orb weapon called the Odama. The Wars franchise is one of the most under-appreciated franchises in Nintendo's catalog. In fact, Nintendo's lunchbox-looking console is home to some of the best games of the generation. The cute robot graphics kept you coming back for more, and the platforming wasn’t just a glossed-over component. Unfortunately, much like every console, some really great games were overlooked on the GameCube. Still, none of us could have expected such a unique --and even violent-- game. Ultimate Guide, When Did Atari Come Out: Our Complete Guide, Here's Our Full Reviews Of The Gamecube Hidden Gems 2018, Price Guide to Rare and Collectible Games, Mobile Adapter GB (and bundled Mobile System Trainer software), Best Underrated GameCube Games – Sixth-Generation Release By Nintendo, NINTENDO GAMECUBE TDEV DEVELOPMENT TOOL KIT, Sealed Zelda Ura no Densetsu Toki Gamecube, Legend of Zelda Nintendo GameCube Prototype Controller. These absorbed shots gradually build up your homing laser, which is a super attack that does a ton of damage. Same for Gladius. The bullets and the ammo in this game are either black or white. Players are treated to colorful characters, overarching plots, and twisting narratives that make for an unforgettable and charming experience. You eat cubivores to mutate into more powerful forms, and to gain new special abilities. You play as a Glitch, a Droid with no memory, and help the rebel Droids battle the evil forces of General Corrosive. save hide report., - Alien Hominid (awesome little action side scroller), Wind Waker >>> Ocarina of Time. The game has hunting, cattle driving, bandit attacks, and various other activities that make for a truly great open world. Following a surprise attack from another country, the rivals are forced to set their differences aside to stave off an overwhelming threat. Developed by Sonic Team, Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg follows the titular character as he dons a chicken suit to save his home from an evil threat. Sega Soccer Slam is a hilarious and crazy game, with a premise that can best be described as “macho battle soccer.”. These cards summon your own monsters to attack and destroy the enemies. With a cute and unique story, Chibi-Robo! StarFox Adventures also had a modified version of the normal StarFox gameplay – whenever you flew to a different part of the planet, you get to fly an on-the-rails dogfighting mission in your Arwing starfighter. The GameCube was an interesting console solely because it was the first platform that saw Nintendo and Sega put their rivalry aside for good. The Complete Guide To 5 Favorite Classic Game Consoles, What Is RNG in Gaming? As usual, the intense explosion-based gameplay is why you come to the table, and Bomberman Generation delivers in spades. In Sega Soccer Slam, you punch, kick, bite, and fight your way through a soccer game filled with colorful multicultural characters and insane moves. He does so by rolling big eggs. share. Still, even with that afterthought, this title is still a GameCube legend, one that every fan should have in their library.

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