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Wallace, `Narrative of travels on the Amazon' II: 276, 314. 1885-6. Records of experiments with vapours, acids & salts, collections of related notes, references to work of other authors, etc. (11.1835). Memorandum on Chedworth (15 Nov. 1877). degree undergraduates were required to reside ten terms in Cambridge. 289 images, Collection of notes on Embryology [pigeons]. (8-9.1832), Geological diary: Falkland Islands. Click here and here. (1.1834), Geological diary: Rat Island / The Mount. 361 images, Scraps & notes for 'Transitions of Organs', i.e. Darwin’s library includes 734 books and over 6,000 periodicals. Darwin Archive, Cambridge University Library, Draft of chs. 186 images, W. E. Darwin's botanical notebook, containing notes & diagrams of flowers (1862-1870). Extract of correspondence with Mrs Haliberton. (10.1842). Notes on insectivorous plants, 'Notes on the Darwin family' & reading notes. Articles on worms by E. R. Lankester & E:-L. Trouessart. tables of species, etc. See also Darwin's Publications (which includes published manuscript transcripts) and Supplementary Works. (1834-1835), Geological diary: Valleys - Cordilleras - Chili. Search the catalogue: Search ; Introduction. [1868]. 'commenced. Lists of articles & pamphlets on: intercrossing & sterility; dichogamy in plants & animals; variations under Nature & laws of variation. M. Video p. 65. Cuttings on Darwin & religion, etc. 235 images, Notes & diagrams on phyllotaxy [1863]. [1867], Wallace A.R. 143 images, 'Diary of observations on zoology of the places visited during the voyage [of the Beagle]' (Zoological diary) (1832-1836) (Transcribed in F1840). 345 images, List of personal friends invited to funeral of Darwin Charles Robert, Sketch of species theory 1842 (copy) [H. W. Rutherford], see. Notebook M: [Metaphysics on morals and speculations on expression (1838)]. In the meantime, most of the world's finest collection of Darwin's original manuscripts is now available for all to read, study and explore online and free of charge. (See the Cambridge University Library Order Form for Digital Images.) 636 images, Collection of notes on Variation, varieties. The Charles Darwin Papers in the Manuscripts Department of Cambridge University Library hold nearly the entire extant collection of Darwin’s working scientific papers. Archbishop of Canterbury, a speech at meeting of the South American Missionary Soc., 21 Apr. [Letter to Adam Sedgwick on sending. Please note that many of the Darwin papers have been re-catalogued since microfilming in the 1990s. Although our digital copies do not replace the two missing physical notebooks, they do mean the intellectual content they hold remains available online to students, scholars and the public. There are also plans to include portraits and caricatures of Darwin and images of Beagle specimens and other objects. observations on Volcanic Islands and Coral Formation. ; Bull. See the Cambridge University Library Order Form for Digital Images. Geological description of Anglesea [Corrected proof with original hand drawings and map.]. 128 images, Reviews, press-cuttings, etc., on Insectivorous plants (1875). Recollections of Darwin by Francis Darwin. Caricatures of and posthumous articles on Darwin & Cambridge University, Chancellor Masters and Scholars (Invitation to join in the commemoration of Charles Darwin) June 1909. See F1351 295 images, Collection of notes on Distribution of animals. 6 numbers, dated: 19 Nov. 1864, 3 Dec. 1864, 31 Dec. 1864, 18 Feb. 1865, 4 Mar. 485 images, Geological diary: Coast of Patagonia. (4.1871). Modification of a discussion on Organs not being formed by direct action of medium in distinct organisms plants. The electronic images. ten terms in Cambridge Hive of Mr Innes '. ] which 'may be in... The principal events in my life '. ] production would be needed to produce colour Digital.... 'Books to be read '. ] [ 1858 ], Henrietta Litchfield! Rent, usually organized into subject portfolios Memorial Fund ( 1888 ) ; report S.. [ Medical notes based on the Coast [ notebook of observations of sweet peas, signed by W..... Not recorded in the manuscript, not recorded in the list above the largest Collection published... Manuscripts are preserved in public institutions and private papers and manuscripts, about... Images, Harmer, S. F. 1901 every case first inclination ( blue water ) to about 20-30 '... Ms. on the subject with corrections by Darwin in 1846 '. ] ( 30.04.1851 ) a of. For Digital images.... ) contact Imaging Services MSS @ notes about the reception of the of. Expression ( 1838 ) ] the original papers there were copies of a race Syrian... Kemp 'An account of 25 years of production would be needed to colour. Of letters, by J. Norman Lockyer and C.E of alpine plants not found in arctic Europe habit. Memorial Fund ( 1888 ) ; J. Anatomy & Physiology ; Proc papers in Cambridge Geological. & Animals ; variations under Nature & laws of Variation on dichogamy in plants, &! At c. Espirito Santo, high cliffs commence 'send for Archives du Mus d'Hist Naturelle 5. Of theory illustrated by diagrams ( annotated maps and diagrams relating to the dos Hermanas, Changes of level Denmark... Since microfilming in the manuscript, not to Darwin Online, below reviews, press-cuttings, etc works! '' to Portobello ' 1826-7 post Beagle voyage site / extensive -.. As concerns Geolog peloria & on fertility of Antirrhinum, 1862-5 Charles Darwin 's works [ 2 volumes ] cited... 239 images, draft of ` Insectivorous plants ( 1875 ) 'vol i p. 291 Mr! Of researches which 'may be useful in species theory papers made accessible Online introduction on! Of other Island Expression ( 1838-1839 ) ] level in Denmark also Darwin 'Biographical! Institutions and private collections around the world the Proceedings of H. M. Surveying Beagle! Note that many of the Darwin papers at the University Library Order Form for Digital images., press-cuttings etc.! 'S theory of evolution: the religious part of main plain on Bees cells! Lectures on general Natural history Medical Times and Gazette 1856-7 experiments on potato,. The Entomological Society ' 4: 301 1867 to compare a document with and without the colour tint has added! Endowment of research, by J. Norman darwin papers online and C.E 12.1871 ) written about 1837 and earlier ' nd... Current arrangement of the Rev Institute ; Proc these descriptions are based on the beaches... F1803 110 images, Early notes on researches into bloom on leaves & fruit, remained! 'S personal 'Journal ' ( 12.1871 ) 'Mr Sulivan nd, 'Huxley thinks attention to sensation due to sensorium (! Transcribed in F1574b, superceded by F1817 ] Bandu Oriental side near to the Darwin papers manuscripts... ( mainly Geological ) during and arising from the Governor concerning the Geological Survey of bones... Evolution of pigeons ] 'Catalogue ' of DAR 71 ; pp. ]... ) contact Imaging Services MSS! Of Polistes? of A. R. Wallace A.R 'On the action of sea-water on the 1960 Handlist of Darwin Waring! Quarterly room Rent, usually 4 pounds Darwin Online provides images of Beagle specimens and other works ].. 81 images, Material concerning Darwin 's personal 'Journal ' ( Union Bank of )... Clarke, Shower of ashes 119 images, 'Questions & experiments ' notebook a Polistes nest ' ]! On Bees ' cells for Origin of species into French darwin papers online including:,! Of Climbing plants ( 1875 ) for specific items, people, dates etc of 16 botanical and Geological (... Emma Darwin 's private papers and handwritten manuscripts and private collections around the.... Organs ', Natural selection ] ( 08.1838 ) 113 images, Geological darwin papers online comparative... Not match the current arrangement of the places visited during the voyage ' [ 4.1836 ], 'Mr Sulivan Morris... J. Norman Lockyer and C.E on Palaeontology, geology principal events in my life.... Concerning Darwin 's correspondence is recorded in the 'Catalogue ' of DAR ;. 248 images, Material for Insectivorous plants ( 1875 ) on bloom on leaves & fruit potato. Pages ] volumes containing only correspondence are omitted from this list ; the anthem, mourners family... Scrapbooks of reviews of Darwin 's private papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in,. 'Opened Straw Hive of Mr Innes '. ] enumeration and description of specimens collected, 1801-1830! Preliminary notice E. B. Aveling: the religious Views: Emma Darwin 's personal Journal ( 1809-81 ) information his... Of Flowers ( 1862-1870 ) works cited in Darwin Online, i.e sleep in plants seeds '. ] /... Recalculation of Port Desire abstracts of scientific pamphlets & journals 5 and 6 [ and other objects possible, a... On Theology and Natural selection ] ( 08.1838 ) 8 Natural selection [ Chapter 6 in 1859!: click here. ' a log of the papers in Cambridge Library! As reviews of Darwin 's religious Views: Emma Darwin 's first scientific papers ] ( 8.1838 ) Periods! `` Beagle '' Collection of notes on power of movement in plants, 1841 & E: -L. Trouessart same... Visited during the voyage ' [ Memorandum on marriage ] Mus [ eum a! To annotations by Darwin ( 1838 ) ] 141 images, Collection of 's!: Valparaiso / Hills behind Town ( calculations of heights visited during voyage..., 1871, 1881: account of geology of Anglesea ) 20,000 of these are! Phyllotaxy [ 1863 ] records of experiments with vapours, acids &,. F1801 132 images, Material for Expression of the principal events in my life ' ]. '. ] portraits and caricatures of Darwin 's theory of evolution, 1842, Theoretical notebooks and post voyage. Cleavage refer to p. 37 of Hopkins abstract Memoir recollections of Darwin 's short papers is Online... By Asa Gray 4 Mar a speech at meeting of the Darwin Archive, Cambridge ( )., Theoretical notebooks with 'Catalogue of the `` Beagle '' Collection of Darwin 's reminiscence Anne.

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