do moles eat grubs

They do, however, make an ungodly mess of lawns with their close to the surface tunnels. Grubs in your lawn can make the ground feel spongy. It also moves subsoil to the surface where it can benefit plant roots. If the benefits of moles aren't enough for you to want to leave them alone, the best method to deter a mole is by trapping it. Send him your garden or pest control questions at If it wasn't for the unsightly damage that moles do to your lawn, having a mole in your yard could be considered beneficial. Grub & moles prevention and restoration complete guide: How to tell if grubs and moles are destroying your grass and what to do about it. Only works when applied in late summer. Mike McGrath was Editor-in-Chief of ORGANIC GARDENING magazine from 1990 through 1997. Have the neighbors’ chip in on a pallet and Howard County might become a mole-free zone! Most often, it’s the best kept yards that have the worst mole … As the soil freezes, moles move from tunneling near the surface to digging deeper in the ground. Does Sonic Pulsing Really Get Rid of Moles? Moles are omnivores that prefer to feast on grubs, earthworms, and other bugs. In my experience, moles often arrive unannounced, Val. If there are enough grubs in your lawn when you use it, it should stay effective for many years. Another option to deter moles is to install an L-shaped fence buried 1 foot deep around the perimeter of your yard. While moles do feed on white grubs, grubs are not present at this time of year (late winter to early spring). But lime is never a “necessity.” Lime is recommended when the soil becomes acidic, but can cause problems if the soil if fine. Fall is a time to get as fat as possible for the coming winter and spring is a time to put weight back on. Moles must eat 60-100% of their body weight DAILY in order to survive. Get rid of grubs. They even eat fire ants. prisons, 3 injured in Anne Arundel County shooting, Maryland man pleads guilty in slaying, shooting two detectives, Pentagon reports $5B in improper payments to civilian workforce, Congress, employee groups ramp up pressure to block Schedule F executive order, Air Force ready to begin deploying portions of ABMS next year, State Dept gives thanks to Foreign Service’s 'exceptional' volunteer workforce. Kimberly Caines is a well traveled model, writer and licensed physical fitness trainer who was first published in 1997. Moles do not hibernate and are quite active during the winter months. And my next-door neighbor is also hosting them. Moles thrive on a diet of earthworms, grubs and cicada larvae. They feed on roots, which can trigger drought-resembling dead patches. Caines holds a degree in journalism from Mercurius College in Holland and is writing her first novel. Her work has appeared in the Dutch newspaper "De Overschiese Krant" and on various websites. The mail-order firm Gardens Alive sells the latter version as “. Sold under wonderful names like “Mole-a-tov-cocktail”, concentrated castor oil smells real bad. Moles can do significant damage to your yard and getting rid of them may take some trial and error on your part. (This is what happens when the Nats stop being fun to watch.). Always have a soil test performed and only add lime if the Ph is low. The latter hasn’t been done in at least 15 years. Additionally, other critters, such as mice, can infiltrate your yard and use the tunnels to get around unseen while eating roots, seeds and grain and doing even more damage. This year I want to core aerate as well as apply lime. The solution to getting rid of skunks is to get rid of the grubs … The underground tunnels dislodge plants, crops and grass, drying out their roots. Along with keeping out moles, this great habit can protect your home … Their primary food source is earthworms and many grub insecticides applied now, are known to reduce beneficial earthworm populations up to 70%. What Do Moles Eat? You're better off learning about the lifestyle of a mole so you can effectively get rid of him. Moles are the underground equivalent of teenage boys; they live in the dark and eat no vegetables. Do we need to talk to our other adjacent neighbors? You can treat your yard regularly with surface insecticide granules or a spray. Note: Getting rid of grubs greatly reduces a mole’s food supply (and helps your lawn and roses) but it’s no guarantee that the moles will then move on. In addition to earthworms, grubs make up a big part of a mole's diet. Widely available via mail order and some hipper garden centers, nematodes are also effective after the soil warms up in the spring. Although both have long term benefits, they are stressful to the turf, and since you don’t see thatch, there’s no need to remove what isn’t there. All rights reserved. BTG is the newest form of “Bt”, a family of naturally-occurring soil organisms, some of which have pest-controlling powers. Their first reaction is to apply a grub insecticide when mole activity begins in spring. You drop the sponge into a watering can and then water the nematodes into your lawn where they attack and kill grubs of all species. The presence of a mole is noticeable by the volcano-like mounds and surface burrows that suddenly seem to appear and negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

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