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The Proper Office Desk for Your Height The built-in credenza and shelves hold a computer, files and books. The accessory beam height is 75 mm measured from the bottom surface of the stage. Standard desk chair heights range from 16–21 inches (40–53cm). The standard desk height is 75-80cm. Include shoe height to figure proper measurement; Values are based on the 1988 Anthropometric Survey of the U.S. Army Personnel; See Ergonomics Data & Mounting Heights (PDF) for more information; Interactive Tools. Lock chair back upright: I … In other words, when sitting down, the height of the desk should reach your elbows. Average Office Desk Height. Now we believe that you don’t have to be accurate to the smallest degree, in fact, many websites will give you slightly different numbers when it comes to the best height. 5-AXIS NANOBLOCK DEVICE PLATFORM, 112.5 mm DECK HEIGHT Hide Overview NanoBlock™ 5-Axis Device Platform, 112.5 mm Deck Height This 5-Axis Device Platform is designed to be used in conjunction with the NanoMax ™ 600 six-axis waveguide manipulator. It is well suited for applications that require an optical element or assembly to be held at a fixed position in front of a high performance … Floating desks Consider your desk first. This is obviously not an ergonomic option for everybody. The average static work desk or table is between 28 and 30 inches tall, which functions well for individuals in the 5’8” to 5’10” range. 680-720 mm when measured from the top of the workstation to the floor) adequate clearance for legs under the desktop sufficient space under the desk to comfortably stretch legs. This is the best position to protect your back, neck and shoulders. Adjustable desks, for example, allow a range of 22–33 inches (56–84cm). Product Guide; Workspace Assessment; Workspace Planner; Calorie Calculator, Standing vs Sitting ; Sitting-Time Calculator; Payback Calculator “Find the Errors” Game. Height adjustable workstations Height adjustability is another highly desirable workstation feature and all height adjustable workstations need to be to easily adjustable. A regular desk at work, or “non-standing” desks you often see from Ikea, Office Depot, or any other similar office supply stores, usually are 29 inches tall, or 73.5 cm (approximately). Think about whether the desk should float in the room, as seen here, be placed against a wall, or be built-in. I need my chair elevated fairly high, yet not so high that my legs get mashed into the underside of the desk. Ideally, when seated in front of your desk, you should be able to rest your hands comfortably on the desk with your elbows beside your torso and your arms at a 90 degree angle. If you are taller or shorter, consider a different desk height, rather than choosing a different chair. But what about everyone else in your workplace? The height of your computer desk should be about 20 to 28 inches from the ground, depending on the model and brand. This is where an adjustable height chair helps. If the desk height is not adjustable, alter the height of your seat. Most desks are around the same height, but a few inches can make a difference in your level of comfort. I was slightly baffled by this as the standard desk height (720mm) which is commonplace around the world, actually correlates to the seated elbow height of a 6’2” male. This elegant home office accommodates a large freestanding desk. Fortunately, Unplggd has a good strategy for checking if a desk is the right height for you: What’s an average office desk height? 4-AXIS NANOBLOCK DEVICE PLATFORM, 112.5 mm DECK HEIGHT Hide Overview Features 112.5 mm Stage Height 13 mm Horizontal and 6 mm Vertical Translation 8° Pitch and Yaw Translation The NBM413 NanoBlock™ platform is offered as a cost-effective, 4-axis positioner designed for the precise pre-alignment orientation of integrated optical or optoelectronic devices and general photonic … Deck Height: 62.5 mm to the mounting surface of the moving platform. Get the largest desk that fits comfortably in your space, as you can never have enough work surface. To explain, when a 6’2” male is sat comfortably in his chair, his natural elbow position is the same height as the top of a desk that is 720mm high without having to make any adjustments. Correct seated desk height. Freestanding desks range in size, but common dimensions … The standard desk height is 75-80cm. a suitable height (e.g. Freestanding desks range in size, but common dimensions are about 120-180cm wide and 60-90cm deep. Sometimes the height of the desk doesn’t work too well with people, especially those that are prone to back pain. While the average desk height is 725 mm, there is no such thing as an average person. Tall people: I’m 6’3″ tall which means I need a desk with good clearance underneath. As you can see, the standard desk height of 29 inches fits someone of around 6 feet tall.

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