black specks on scalp

sometimes groups. Fleas hate lavender, so I spray with a spray that contains lavender. I have this, clove oil diluted, tee tree oil, or even hydrogen peroxide will pop these black specks and lines out when you rub it into an itchy area. It's easy to do. Hope this has stopped for you. they cant get immune to sulphur. Been going on a month and week. I have had a couple back surgeries and am on and habeen on pain Meds and anxiety meds Methadone in pill form (they are using that a lot nowdays) and Xanax. If you know anyone who can help, my email address is or phone number 903-363-3408. ttyl Paula. Drs avoid anything other than it's Scabies or some excuse. all over your skin multiple times in thw tub. I hope we can all find a solution someday really soon. I told him to f*@k off that if my blood wasn't wanted he wasn't getting my urine either- I'd give it to a doc that actually cared. see i been trying to take pics and zoom in but i couldn't see it very well.. I haven't seen any fibers yet, but I've battling the mites for 7 months. If your building has a rodent problem, it is recommended not to hang clothing or rugs outside because they are carriers of fleas and eggs. No, don't use gasoline! Take paracetamol if fever. I had used diatomaceous clay on all his bedding and carpet. Please let me know if you have had any more news. Good luck to you all, god help us all. thank you G, Hello I've done all of the above, an yet still have thEm so now I'm thinkin Morgellons cuz it has blk dots also not just the fibers. i cant go through trying to convince docs again because i fear i will totally lose my mind if i start it all up again and nobody will listen and all think im mad so i can only hope that somebody somewhere gets a doc or some1 to listen and believe and help maybe xx. I felt like a totally different person, very secluded, insomnia followed by extreme ehaustion, depression, agitation, I didn't enjoy my life any longer. Its been a few months of taking the herbs and have made so much progress! When he saw the marks on my back he told me there's something causing this, it's not you picking or scratching at your skin because it was in places I couldn't reach on my back. Finally I got a dermatologist to give me permethrin. MORAL SUPPORT folks, 90% of the battle is lifting each other. lavender dryer strips and Pyrethin although it's a dangerous product..ESPECIALLY TO PETS!!!! Just console yourself its only for a few months, my saving grace has been xylitol in coffee (google it). There is no reason for us to be confused about anything with these Thrip Bots. Hope I keep seeing progress. You may not have lesions yet but if you do the morgellons test with red wine or grape juice you will most likely spit out fibers. I have had Chemical Warfare in the back of my mind for a while. He is requesting an end to my treatment / nurses while my arm looks like a blow up balloon. From antibiotics all the way to Diamatious earth. Pinchy bites that bled profusely when scratched. I had proof and I even had a jar of vaseline to show them what happens when I rub it on and they just brushed me off. Hello, me and my children are experiencing the same issue with tiny black spots that causes irritating rashes that itch like crazy. Gave us ointment which did not help. He was 58 years old. They are tear dropped shape w a stinger it looks like 2 me. I'm afraid I will lose my hair. I've had my vision to be blurry but the worst is probably the headaches that come out of nowhere it seems like if I mess with an area where I've got a rest I can taste it in my mouth like it's an infection or something almost like if you touch one spot on your body you'll feel it in another I know that sounds weird and I'm not completely crazy LOL and I'm not the perfect in shape 40 year old either but my health has deteriorated tremendously the past three months. But right off the bat I can think of a few things that would be of help...)a list of items that do help. ) I thought i was nuts i bought lice shampoo and everything associated w/ all that. Scientists have discovered that the Morgellons fibers won't burn until 1700 degrees. I'll sure let you know. Like, I go to sleep, I wake up and they're there. I took another pill and the first night I felt 90% better this wasn't like the first time. Overseas they have an Elephant ointment for this, but you cant get it unless u go to store over there. One thing though. Simply click here to return to, Please click here and read our full Disclaimer. After putting cream rinse to set on my hair, I ran a fine tooth comb through my hair & it brought the mites out. Do this morning & night & you will be free of the night mares eventually. It threw me off b/c I read that scabies do not jump and you can't see them. It has a thread that wraps around my hair and then comes off like an L shape further down hair shaft to allow motility. Stay away from all the forums and sites. I wish you luck and I think you will find some relief with the Coconut oil. DS1 has these weird black dots on his scalp - mostly around the parting, but in patches all over his scalp. Mine has no smell and I wish it did, there are more types of it than I thought, but you can even cook with this so it is safe to try cooking with it tho I haven't tried yet. I have been dealing with this problem for almost 9 years now. There are THOUSANDS of types and they all have different color ranges, so see which ones are in your area. my e-mail is I went through 3 types b/4 I got the correct kind. it normally starts in your scalp. I forgot to tell you that I took abput 5 of... View answer, yes,i have 2 areas on my scalp both are firm,one black in color,the other is not.worried about them.had them for about 6months to a year.can you help? I try to brush him daily (outside) and bathe him regularly, I don't know if I can ever be rid of them, but I can do things to reduce their population. Also seems like they get disabled people more often. Drink a teaspoon in the morning and at nite. If u take you cell phone and take clear pictures of your wounds or itchy spots and zoom in you will see these black specks and lines in your sores and skin clearly(youll see things you can't even see yet). Then I went to stay with a girlfriend & sure enough she too had seen the same thing! I vacuum regularly but apparently couldn't keep up. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING,yes including bug spray,i know i shouldn't have,but now I'M DESPERATE!!! Bog mistake, they gave me a breathalyzer and the doc( physicians asst.- because I didn't even get an MD) spent 30 seconds with me pretending to listen just to tell me he thought it was parasitic psychosis. so I tried to pop it , mistake the more I tried to get it out the deeper it seemed go in. Enter your password. Thank you so much for your comments, they are helpful, and it's good not to be alone. I get so itchy, it feels a sif they are trying to burrow into my scalp. I told my Sister and Mom and Dad And found I had tried the wrong way to get em out. But then I started feeling weird. I use a anti-fungal cream in my ears, eyebrows which helps. We have been to two dermatologist and they could not find the cure. ITCHY Scalp is a sign of dandruff, which is fungal infection. We had the same thing with several Drs. I think theycome out my gums near my teeth like these fibers do in the wine test. I will say this in ending, from what I have been through so far with this problem; pets I think are the first source, other intruders such as rodents, towels from people who have poor hygiene, or people who have poor hygiene in general that sleep in your house, used furniture or items brought into your home, ventilation systems where an intruder may have entered. You really need to find the source of the black specs. And I know it's fungus gnats I have found hundreds in different stages and an pulling and spitting out the maggot like stage now. Use of this site is subject to our Terms & Conditions, Get your health question answered instantly from our pool of 18000+ doctors from over 80 specialties. i had for years these stones appearing on top of the bed sheets, even brand new ones. Migraine is a vascular disorder of the scalp . That is all I can say for now I will be back. I even thought at one point i had spiders in my head bc the ring worms move your hair and hair would clump together and stick up like spider legs.

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