benefits of content syndication

Publishing guest posts is a great way to add more content to your site without having to create it yourself, but unless you have volunteers happy to donate free content to your blog on a regular basis, it can be less reliable than syndication. Your email address will not be published. By continuing, you Agree with our Privacy Policy. However, if someone then goes searching for your keywords from that post, the Lifehacker article may appear first in Google search results, as opposed to your version, discouraging people from actually visiting your site. The biggest issue that you could possibly face with content syndication is the creation of duplicate content. It’s impolite at best, and at worst, a crime. White Paper/Whitepaper Syndication Services. Are you interested in trying our platform? According to a survey by Salesbox, 65% of B2B marketers reported that they utilized content syndication as a highly effective lead generation strategy in 2017. To start, web syndication helps you build awareness, generate demand, and increase sales through rich, interactive web content, downloadable sell sheets, whitepapers, decks, brochures, and other targeted content. It also helps with SEO, as an empty website or blog is unlikely to start climbing the rankings. Easily direct your customers to the next logical step in their purchase journey with the ‘Buy Now’ feature. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Subscribe to our newsletter packed with plenty of content marketing tips, tricks, and prompts to help you reach your sales goals. Are you ready to begin with video content syndication? Well, by working some SEO magic, you can make your publishing partners feel a lot happier about them. These aren’t just speculations, mind you; there is tangible evidence that content syndication is a highly effective online marketing strategy. For example, if you publish pasta recipes and an article mentions one you already have on your site – embed a link! Providing your reader with useful information is the key and syndicated content can help. With syndicated content, you can become an expert even if you don’t write the articles. If you are looking for a new content promotion platform to try out, it’s worth having a look at Quuu Promote, our content promotion platform that shares your posts organically across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Namely, having duplicate content can impair your search engine rankings, but it doesn’t have to. Why not check out what our white-label video platform has to offer? Similarly, the writing won’t have a distinctive brand voice that customers associate with your company. Content syndication is when web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. Well, yes and no. This way your content would get extra bylines for authors. But it is very easy to get wrong. Any kind of digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos and more. Neori theme, designed by litMotion Templates, Search engine marketing is the most powerful way to drive traffic on the web. Keeping your web pages fresh can sometimes be a struggle for some. This is where content comes into play. Mike McCoy The Benefits of Syndication. Another benefit of content syndication is that you will get additional visibility on your content that wouldn’t be possible by solely hosting it on your website. In fact, newspapers have been doing it for years. Content discovery tools like Feedly and RSS can also be useful, as they give you easy access to a stream of the latest content – but this method is missing the potential for networking. Think of it as a kind of barter arrangement. Unlike plagiarism, content syndication provides you with free content to publish without stepping on anyone’s toes, and can even become part of a fully-formed content syndication strategy. The process is straightforward — just follow these steps: And that’s it! Once you’ve decided who you’re publishing for, and how it should look and sound, it’s time to figure out where you’ll find syndication partners. Networking – if you publish another site’s content (with permission), you’re doing them a favour. Contrary to his fellow journalists, McClure began paying writers for long investigative reports, books and deeply reported features. Plagiarism might have some short-term benefits, but it is a form of fraud. They are not looking at the fact that you didn’t write the content, but they found a solution to their problem on your site. Better SEO: The right syndication opportunities provide author bylines, including a link back to your … Monday July 2, 2012 You don’t have to worry about old news, especially when using a content service, because they will provide you with news content to add to your website. One of the easiest ways to create that kind of goodwill is to display expertise, even if that expertise isn’t (strictly speaking) your own.

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