behringer xm8500 vs xm1800s

Vocals, instruments they do the job. Unbelievable! Outstanding for the price and for occasional use. We use them in conjunction with our other three SHURE xlr mics. I had several odds and ends similar microphones, but couldn't pass this up when I saw the price and read through a few reviews. They come in a pack of 3 for about $60. I bought these "hoping" I wasn't throwing my money away. I should also add that it's your singing that ultimately makes a mic sound good, not the mic it's self. The other crucial item is that they got here quickly. They have proven to be quite durable in less than kind hands, and with great sound quality. Got these with a Behringer mixer. I put my money where my mouth is, just a little less! Is my shure sm58 fake or real? Didn't know what to expect from these mics, given the low cost. They work great so far, and are incredibly inexpensive. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.
Database contains 1 Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM8500 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Specifications . It match the same audio sound quality as well as the soild construction of the SM58. But the price of these mics plus three additional clips still doesn't exceed the cost of one Shure mic, even on the low end. I needed some microphones to be able to some off site recording. Well worth the money !!! We now have enough mics in the house for all potential and aspiring singers. And yes, they come with a great case and clips. All their equipment is basic and beat up, but their microphones were particularly pitiful, so I bought these as an upgrade (my son helps work the technical crew in this studio). If you are needing a mic in a pinch and dont have the money to put into a one of the 3 stated above, then this is the way to go. I own shure sm58 mics,you will NOT be disappointed in these vocal mics. Bonus that they have on/off switches. These mikes are used for amateur performances at various venues. We borrowed this brand from other musicians and just had to purchase some for our church group. Very good for speaking engagements and okay for singing. Incredible value for a quality Mic. I've been looking at Behringer XM1800/XM8500 mics. Like others, I bought these as a hail mary, expecting to use them if ever in a pinch. Wow fantastic microphone. My little boy need it for his show. I have used both. But they do out preform the cost. I am impressed. Estos microfonos estan increibles mucho mejor de lo que imagine por el precio tan barato tenia dudas con la calidad pero funcionan de maravilla los usamos en el coro de nuestra iglesia y la verdad estamos facinados 100% recomendables. I love the on/off switch; I can mute the mic when switching out my harmonicas on their dedicated stand, or whenever I want a quick "off." These microphones perform very well and for the price are a good value. Learn More. Outstanding Microphone. Behringer's other one, XM8500 is vastly superior but they are for different purposes. I purchased these to mic my stereo amp rig for small gigs. I would not recommend for continuous daily use, unless you plan to replace them after a lot of use. These are general purpose, utility, spare, good to have, back up type mics, and for the price/quality ratio, there is absolutely none better. The nice case they come in provides extra support for storage and keeps them safe. Questions about the Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone (3-pack)? The actual mics & their sound quality is the real bang for the buck ! You need an account to post a reply. I was looking for a few more SM58's for the worship team. The Behringer XM8500 Microphone uses a cardioid pattern to focus on your voice while the integrated shock mount system reduces handling noise to almost nothing. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Great Microphones for my use at home. These are general purpose, utility, spare, good to have, back up type mics, and for the price/quality ratio, there is absolutely none better. So you are looking at these microphones and thinking "cheap and probably sound lame", I did for years until I started playing with some pinheads that did not respect my Shure mic's so I bought some of these as throw-aways. I purchased these as an addition to my karaoke setup and was very impressed. I'm very impressed. They have a strong signal and are a little on the tinny side. New with shure SM58 mic. These sound really good. I figured at this price it was worth the gamble and wow, I was extremely impressed! It's true! Great value to boot. The carrying case is a little flimsy, but the case and attachments feel like freebies, so I'm not complaining. We also use these in a small setting (room about 30' x 40'). Thanks Sweetwater! Perfect for young groups just starting out or for practice use. My band did a small backyard party and I didn"t want to pull apart our rehearsal room so I took a chance on these mics because of the insane price. There is no noticeable difference in sound quality. People walking passed the building walked in to hear us. I have used one of these weekly leading worship for about 6 months now. I wanted to find some mics that could handle some abuse, sound good, and maybe use for other functions. I was not really sure about buying these mics... but we are so Blessed that we did buy them. Highest value and quality available in an entry-level mic! )...can't be beat! I like the on/off switch. Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone (3-pack) Reviews. Our amp system is a small portable Fender P150 via a Behringer XENYX 1202 mixer. I don't know. After reading several reviews about this microphone I decided to buy it for my church. We recently bought these mics for our nursing home ministries singing team. If I need more mics I am definitely going to order another 3 pk. Ive also used them as a backup to my wireless set for weddings.

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