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more>>, Prices and info on postage and returns more>>, Tips on breaking, wearing & caring for your jacket. Every Aero jacket is manufactured on the premises here in Scotland where each garment is made from start to finish by an individual machinist, each taking immense pride in his or her work, there is no production line at Aero. I have seen Aero jackets fit people absolutely wonderfully. The stitches per inch mostly stay consistent and the stitch lines are usually quite clean and straight. I had just started losing weight when I got this jacket, but I had probably only gone down from around 200lb to probably 195 or 190-ish. Badalassi leather is absolutely stunning. In fact, I have handled and tried on a few Aero jackets made with Vicenza leather and the superiority of this leather is undeniable. At the end of the day, I can chalk up the fit of this jacket to being a combination of my fault and a pattern that just wasn’t right for me. Whatever the exact reason for the fit not working, it really did not work. The grain is less even and more variated. I am here to provide honest reviews, not to be a promoter trying to make money disguised as a reviewer. There are no loose threads, broken stitches, or anything like that. Once I realized that I could order an Aero jacket in Badalassi, it was not long before I placed an order. 90 were here. Change ). more>>, See yourself in the customer gallery. Dec 22, 2018 - 91 Likes, 5 Comments - Aero Leather Clothing (@aeroleatherclothing) on Instagram: “@paulyq1966 looking fantastic in his Aero! 142 Likes, 1 Comments - Aero Leather Clothing (@aeroleatherclothing) on Instagram: “Don't forget we do a lot more than just great Leather jackets. Please understand, I did not make any modifications to the body width of this jacket. The materials are overall excellent. The real star of the show is the leather. In the eyes of many, they are responsible for kickstarting the repro leather jacket craze. It’s a lovely Aero Leather jacket however the B3 is too large for Alessandro and the sleeves are far too long for him, the B3 was designed to look and function in a certain way and to tweak and change various parts is to turn it into a ‘fashion’ jacket like all the so called B3’s … I love me some wide cut trousers and I understand a boxy fit on certain jackets, but this is just ridiculous. This is not just me speaking either. I cover everything from Naked and Famous to Himel Brothers, discuss developments and trends in this subculture, and share some of my travel experiences. Leather jackets are notoriously difficult to put together beautifully. Even many die hard Aero fans will admit that their jackets are not perfect. Despite my love of perfect stitching and finishing, I had no intention of selling this jacket due to the construction.What caused me to sell the jacket was the fit. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This just clearly did not work out for me. My goodness, the fit of this jacket was absolutely atrocious on me. Home of Aero Leathers, manufactures of the finest vintage leather clothing, including leather flight jackets, ww2 flight jackets, leather trousers, classic jeans and shirts - Aero Leathers, Scotland, UK. However, I knew I needed time to reflect on the experience which is why I did not write this review immediately. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The leather feels more firm and substantial while the depth of color is vastly greater. I almost cannot believe that the same person who made this jacket made those jackets he shows on Instagram. After taking some time to look back, I realize that I was not faultless here either. ( Log Out /  If anything, this should be a lesson to me and to everyone that leather jacket measurements go beyond chest, shoulder, length, and arm length measurements. 696 Likes, 14 Comments - Aero Leather Clothing (@aeroleatherclothing) on Instagram: “We’ve just listed another very special jacket in the used section of our sale page. This is stock. Aero is a staple of the leather jacket world. Some Freewheelers jackets now cost over $3,000 new while Aero is still between half and a third of that price given that I paid $1,200 shipped for this jacket. In fact, when people ask me what the best affordable leather jackets are, I say Thedi, Field Leathers, and Aero and I still recommend them to people consistently. At 5’7” tall, that means I was overweight and probably still obese at that point. I would take a Badalassi jacket over a jacket made of any other leather, including any non-Shinki horsehide. I should have asked how the body was going to fit overall, not just the chest. As a matter of fact, the person who made my jacket is Greg who now owns Field Leathers. It would have saved me a big headache. Even before I disliked CXL on boots, I thought it looked dull and boring on jackets. For many leather jacket fans, they are the standard by which all other leather jackets are measured. View all posts by almostvintagestyle. Photo by @captain__jean ” • Follow their account to see 791 posts. The stitch line goes extremely wonky and this does not look great. This one is…” Can One Pair of Boots be Better than Another. Jul 30, 2019 - Aero Leather Clothing on Instagram: “Daniel Craig in his Black Front Quarter Horsehide Highwayman #madeinscotland #menswear #madetolastalifetime #quality #vintage #heavy…” * Also, the jacket fit me too tight in the shoulders and a little slim in the chest as well. Aero is a staple of the leather jacket world. My name is Jake and this is where I review jeans, jackets, boots, shirts, and anything related to the raw denim and "vintage work wear". Either way, it was an awful fit. We've recently added a range of 1930s and 1940s recreations, traditional knitwear hand knitted in Scotland, Harris Tweed trousers and caps cut from 1930s patterns, silk scarves, CC41 Shirts and Cord CC41 trousers, traditional footwear all made in The UK and we'll continue to expand our range of both leather and cloth items on a monthly basis adding only the very best high quality pieces to our current extensive range as soon as we locate them. Maybe they did do that and this jacket just looked wrong on me. In most places it is actually quite good. In my opinion, it is not even close to the quality of Shinki horsehide. To be clear, the construction on this jacket is not poor. Apr 11, 2018 - 118 Likes, 9 Comments - Aero Leather Clothing (@aeroleatherclothing) on Instagram: “This is one beautifully broken in 1930s Half Belt in Brown Front Quarter Horsehide. However, as I said, this experience confirmed to me that Aero makes a solid product, even if it is not perfect. The only reason I had not purchased one was because they did not have a leather that I liked. There are also other flaws such as a stitch that cut through the leather on a seam/fold, some loose material where the button holes were cut, and some other poor stitch lines. My point is that the fit of this specific jacket on me was as awkward as Donald Trump walking through San Francisco. That all changed when they started making jackets with Badalassi Carlo leather. This site displays our extensive range of high grade Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide, Vegetable tanned full grain Italian Horsehide, Vegetable tanned Goatskin and Steerhide Leather Jackets alongside our unequalled recreations of RAF, USN and USAAF Military Flying Jackets. It is not Freewheelers level, but they do not cost Freewheelers prices either. I am not ignorant enough to think that. However, it did make me appreciate the beauty of Freewheelers’ patterns even more. The buttons are also quite beautiful. This year we'll be adding more unique clothing from Japan, Europe and USA along with some special pieces of original vintage clothing including rare collector's items from the 1930s and 1940s. We can dress you from head to toe.…” The purchase was brought on by the fact that I had gotten too big for my Real McCoys Red Silk A2 jacket. It seemed that while I was interested in many of Aero’s designs and their attractive price point, I was not likely to get a jacket from them. It has more beautiful grain than many horse hides. 623 Likes, 19 Comments - Aero Leather Clothing (@aeroleatherclothing) on Instagram: “Something a little different heading State side today, our "Palamino" Grizzly is one not seen very…”

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