acoustic guitar nut slot height

In theory, yes. The correct nut height is the same as the frets. grip, though. . Fretting at the first fret and looking a clearance at the second fret will give you a height for the nut to first fret. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion,,,, The feeler gauge should be placed on top of the first fret, sliding underneath each string. . string in this picture, IT IS CLOSE. Using Feeler Gauges to Control Nut Slot Depth, Learn About Guitar Nut + Saddle Setup + Repair, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. ... 2020, The Acoustic Guitar Forum. I frequently see guitar on which it is impossible to bar a first position Adam Harkus is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and author with a new-found passion for sharing the knowledge and experience gained from 20 years of playing, writing and producing. Record this measurement (let's say 0.035" for an average, somewhat worn fret height). If the string actually touches the first fret when tested this way, it is definitely If you find that a nut slot is too low and your neck has the correct relief, filling (not filing) it can work nicely. If you cut a nut slot on a Fender guitar with an angle, you might create a string buzz on the open notes. This guitar plays well for the average musician. Find out how to solve this problem quickly, easily and cheaply. You might notice that some guitars fresh off of the showroom floor are a little difficult to play in the first position (at the first five frets). Again, these nut slot height measurements are workable specs to shoot for. Live. I read from Stuart Mac .30'' over the first fret. When the nut slots have been started just deep enough to hold the strings, switch to your nut files and X-acto sawblades. The idea is to avoid having the string elevated artificially, as it String Height At The Nut. OK, I know that some instruments have a fret right up next to the nut. Once the relief has been set, measurements for string height should be as follows: (measures top of fret to bottom of string): Bass side string height 1st fret: 1.5/64” Treble side string height 1st fret: 1/64” Bass-side string height at 12th fret: 2.5/32” Treble-side string height at 12th fret: 2/32" Another way to look at it is that a capo on the first fret creates a new nut......which is exactly the same height as the frets. Leave a bit of the pencil line showing so that you can file and smoothly sand it away without chipping. The ideal height would be just about Pledge your support and get bonus lessons! Here's the first string: In order to measure the height of your guitar’s strings, you should have either a ruler, a feeler gauge, or a specialized string action gauge. You may find it useful to use a feeler gauge a few thousandths of an inch thicker than your fret height in front of the nut as a reference when filing. Try to keep the slots spaced evenly and angled down so the highest point is where it meets the fingerboard. This meant I had to drastically over-compensate at the bridge end (see second pic). Save on Over 900 Items. Gibson and Martin guitars have a tilt-back headstock design, so you will want to angle each nut slot cut with a slight downward angle that matches the headstock pitch, leaving the highest point of the slot at the front of the nut. When you buy a new guitar, you can almost be guaranteed that the nut slots are not deep enough. They can also throw off the tuning and intonation. Record this measurement (let's say 0.035" for an average, somewhat worn fret height). The guitar nut height on my Yamaha Pacifica 112J needed serious attention. If the gauge pushes the string up, then the slot will need to be filled and re-cut to raise the slot. Using a super glue accelerator to instantly toughen the material, trim the excess, and then re-cut the slot. On Fender guitars with a scooped headstock design, you will want almost no angle in your cuts because there is almost no break angle in the string after it leaves the nut slot on the way to its corresponding post. Stack a combination of feeler gauges equaling the total measurement (0.040"), and hold the stack down against the fretboard and up against the front edge of the nut. Same thing, the string almost touches. the same as a fret's height in the same position as the nut. Nothing to worry about here, just use what you can…. You can start this process by making sure the guitar is up to pitch. Whats the standard nut slot height? Cute trick, eh? In other words, unless you like a 12th fret action of 1/4", then 0.030" at the first fret is way too high. The nut serves to define and maintain the spacing of the strings, and to hold them at the proper height. There are three aspects of the nut slots that you will be addressing in the setup process in order to make sure that they are cut correctly: You typically make adjustments to the nut after setting the bridge, as the heights of the nut slots are a function of the overall string angle. For proper string nut slot depths, use the feeler gauges. On Fender guitars with straight string pull, you’ll cut straight and in-line with the tuners. Mark off the excess material on the nut blank and remove it with a razor saw, file and sandpaper. New total: 0.040" (the 0.035" frets, plus 0.005"). You can almost always fix this issue by filling the nut slots and then re-cutting them correctly. The string is at full tension and it strikes a straight line from the nut to the I'm talking the thickness of a hair! How much too low is impossible to tell because the string is being held hope (sometimes in vain) that the more expensive instruments won't have this problem. With apology for the dated photos (digital cameras weren't much in 1998) here are some articles that include the info you need: I use a razor saw blade to do a test cut, and I flip it over, using the back side as a straightedge. When the string slots are properly spaced and filed, the nut can be shaped and finished. I'm only talking about the stiffer bass strings

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