acoustic guitar bridges

The most common woods used for bridges are rosewood and ebony – for the reason that these are hard, dense woods. O.k. This is because they aren’t needed – the tension of steel strings is much greater than the tension placed upon nylon strings. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. $17.99 Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. The bridge, bridge saddle and bridge pins are obviously integral parts of the workings of the guitar, so the materials used need to be up to these tasks. The bridge has a few different components and each of those components can vary in the material used. Windsor, California 95492 Reverse "belly up" pin bridge for Gibson®, Rosewood, 6-1/8" long, 2" spacing. With softer more flexible woods too much energy is lost in transmission. PyC is isotropic, covalently bonded like diamond. Acoustic guitar bridge, no finish, (1 mm oversize) 6" long, 2-3/16" string spacing. This is also the most expensive material as it is harder to source. The other thing to consider with bone is the quality of the guitar. Before visiting, it is important that you read this page: Some guitars are made with cheap plastic saddles to save costs. Bridge pins are super easy to replace – and they often need replacing because often manufacturers will save costs by using cheap plastic. Rosewood Gibson® style "Belly Up" reverse bridge for acoustic guitar. Acoustic bridges also shouldn’t be too heavy and these woods seem to fit the right balance of being hard but also being light enough. It is slightly more expensive too but when it comes to saddles this might just be the difference between around $15 for a decent synthetic saddle and $25 for a bone one. You’re very welcome Sean. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Acoustic Guitar Bridge for 6 String Acou… Below I will cover the best materials for acoustic guitar bridges. Strings are usually tied to the bridge. let’s go through each of the components of the bridge and see which materials are best for each part. Some bridges are also made from artificial materials these days. Finally we come to bridge pins. Acoustic vs Bass Guitar: Which is better for Beginners. Sold out GB-2850 Acoustic Pyramid Bridge $25.00 "Pyramid" bridge for acoustic guitar, Ebony, no finish, 6" x 1", 2-5/16" string spacing. Almost always the bridge of an acoustic is made of wood (electric guitars bridges are almost always made from metal). Saddle slot is 0.120" x 3.0". Saddle-through acoustic bridge, Rosewood, no finish, 6-1/16" long, 2-3/16" string spacing. USPTO utility patent on the DLC PyC. now hopefully you have a good deal more knowledge about the best materials for all of the components of the bridge. "Pyramid" bridge for acoustic guitar, Ebony, no finish, 6" x 1", 2-5/16" string spacing. "Mustache" acoustic guitar bridge, Rosewood, 2 inlay bars, with finish, 2-3/16" string spacing. These benefits include: 1. Accuratelypositioning the strings, a relative height to the fretboard. For this reason hard dense woods are needed for the bridge. What is a guitar bridge? but it sounds interesting. But I like the sound of a saddle that can’t do those things. ‘Flash’ Plastics: Synthetic materials such as TUSQ, Nubone and Micarta are a step up from cheap plastic materials and are a much better option. 12 string acoustic bridge, finished Rosewood (1 mm oversize) with saddle, 6-1/8" long. A nylon string classical guitar has a bridge and bridge saddle but doesn’t typically have bridge pins. These saddles are harder to come by and more specialized than the others. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Finally the bridge plays a big part in holding the strings of the guitar in place. The bridge is found on the lower bout of the guitar body and placesthe string over either by pickups (for electric guitars) or a sound hole (on anacoustic guitar) before it reaches the fretboard. The type of wood is important. Acoustic guitar bridge, Rosewood with snow flake inlay, 6" long, 2-3/16" string spacing. Like say a saddle for any Martin spruce, rosewood, dreadnought? The bridge has a couple of major functions. The PyC saddles, nuts, frets have no rival i know of. Bone is the standard in high end guitars – and for good reason.

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