100% acetone gallon

Our reputation has fallen considerably in the last few decades, during the time the corporations managed to create and solidify their power base here. A hundred years ago you would have undoubtedly been one of the people saying that if men were meant to fly we would have been born with wings. You just spent who knows how long on speculating about this, and you still have no idea if acetone as an additive works or not. 4 Gal./Case. Polish Remover removes powder, liquid, wraps, and tips from natural nails. THAT'S "the" whole idea... We NEED to cut back. You are saying that if a cheap/affordable additive that is easy to buy at any hardware store could drastically decrease how much we spend at the pump and by proxy on taxes, that the Government would be all for it? An autopsy report by the Franklin County, Ohio coroner concluded that Meyer had died of a cerebral aneurysm, but conspiracy theorists insist that he was poisoned to suppress the technology, and that oil companies and the United States government were involved in his death. They seem to, generally, be clueless about economic concepts in a free market setup. =). He has used it for the last 4 years and has had no ill effects on his vehicle. They get all kinds of money and kick backs from high fuel cost. Didn't know you could prepare your own meals at a restaurant? However, they did not knowingly do so, and they took steps to curb problems with all their newer cars being released so the same thing would not occur, and it was going to be cheaper to let people die and litigate the matters thereafter, than it was going to be to fix the problem. Some tips, it will take about 4 to 6 tanks to achive best results. Acetone has been exempted in Federal EPA regulations as a VOC contributor and it is HAPS complying. it did work for me, but someone said to me be carefull what it does to ur diesel pump (or petrol). Or 2 or 3 onces per 10 gallons. I live in Mauritius and after reading all the comments here and other Those who like to think America is a "good" country should pay much more attention to how we are seen by other countries and people around the world. alcohol kills acetone - probably why they add ethanol to gas - to kill any advantage adding acetone would give. I generally trust Tom and Ray, but as someone pointed out on the Snopes forum, Tom and Ray were following the advice of an oil industry expert, who could hardly be considered an objective source of information. 0. Acetone will not harm any components in your fuel system. Funny you should mention race cars, because it just so happens that race cars used to run a very high amount of this stuff. 2. Acetone - Gallon Bottles × Close. *week 4, NO acetone - 109mpg Wipe clean and repeat. Ok Ray, I am preparing to test 3 oz per 10 gallons to see if I can't get additional improvement. And your car or truck will run great with it. i think i will try acetone just to see. Although the slow response bugged me, the mpg was 19.2 though it didn't feel like it. Put the Acetone in first and then add fuel so it gets mixed really well in the tank, best if run almost to bottom of the tank ! Despite if your car is new or not. Wash hands thoroughly before and after use. Before Acetone was added to my tank, I retimed my engine. If you think for one second that the government is on our side as far as any thing including gas mileage you are one sorry ... 30 % fuel efficiency means 30% less gas sold. "...It is an alcohol product..." Unfortunately, I think this web site has serious interest in BUSTING this TRUE, “Conspiration” theories are not my forte, however hiding the truth and publicizing a lie is not ethical, moral, or professional. Will try it and post results as well. Added 1.5 oz of PURE ACETONE bought from CVS for 2.79. 180 KM 1997 Caravan 160KM and the latest 01 TC at 150 KM Go to checker by a quart of Duplicolor Acetone. so ye ,i am not sure about that,would like some expert opinion.

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